A snap into the future

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Hey peeps! So we still have 2 weeks until the first official chapter of "Gentle Cowboy, Take My Heart" is up, but here is a little peek into what is to come!

"Miss Jaelyn, I'm loping all by myself!"

Brooke looks over at her friend to see a proud smile. "I see that, Alissa. Good Job!" Jaelyn calls back.

"I'd say you have some good afternoon help," Brooke says nudging Jaelyn gently.

Jaelyn looks over at her and smiles. "I think I might have just lost my job. He is so darn good with kids it blows my mind."

"That's sweet, a brother that is great with kids. It's almost as great as a husband that's great with them." She adds a wink to make she her friend knows she is only teasing.

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