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her eyes

fantasy flash fiction

Most of us have a swirling mess within our souls. A special few have a more calculated design. They see the world unlike all others.


science fiction flash fiction

"In my eeriest dreams my thoughts turn to static. It is in these half-waking moments that I question my reality, my very being."

things unseen

flash fiction

Sometimes stories told take root in our imagination and become real. Or were they always real, and simply waiting for our minds to become open to them?


literary flash fiction

Pain is relative and cannot be easily judged. This short piece was written in response to a prompt about Russian prison tattoos.

doll head

flash fiction

A doll head can be a girl's best friend.


flash fiction

save me

an anti fairy tale romance

Dreams, fairy tales, and happily ever afters. How far is one willing to go to live in that world forever?


horror short story

Talked into house sitting by her roommate, Belita waits nervously for her friend to come home for the night. After the wind howls through the creaky old house and shatters a glass in the kitchen, Belita begins to realize that she may not actually be alone.

ominous fate

science fiction flash fiction

A retelling of Hansel and Gretel finding the witch's cottage with a futuristic twist in fewer than one hundred and fifty words.


science fiction short story

There once was a girl. She grew up amongst the the tall, spindly, and lushly canopied Taegar trees. As much as she loved those beautiful and infinitely tall trees and the land and the people, it was not her land, and they were not her people.

A retelling of Shakespeare's "All's Well that Ends Well."

the imminent end

dystopian flash fiction

Jennel risks all for one magical night. A retelling of when Cinderella leaves the ball with a futuristic twist in fewer than one hundred and fifty words.

the chalice

steampunk short story

Claire, the daughter of a master craftsman, is brought to the door of her shop late one night, and finds impending doom on her doorstep. Entrusted with the culmination of her father's work and studies, she and the unfortunate messenger boy must escape with a treasure that could be the hope or doom of mankind.

the harbinger


A woman's life is forever changed by one sudden event.

beauty is in the eye

horror short story

One's quest for happiness, for beauty is full of many unexpected twists and turns. Some for the better, some not.


science fiction flash fiction

A vast tower is Sheria's prison, the warden a creature beyond imagining.

A retelling of when Beauty meets the Beast with a futuristic twist told in fewer than one hundred and fifty words.

spirit of the aspens

dark fairy tale

After escaping the ruins of their smoldering castle, young Lord Roldan and his mother, the lady of the house must survive a winter in the haunted aspen forest in order to escape to the lands beyond.

drown girl

paranormal drabble

Based on a dream. I've had variations of this dream since childhood when staying at my parents house.

wash it all away

horror short story

Beneath the city something sleeps. Something best left undisturbed.

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A drabble is an extremely short work of fiction of exactly one hundred words in length, not necessarily including the title.

flash fiction

Flash fiction is often defined as a story told in 1000 words or fewer. Some publications define them as stories with more specific word counts ranging from 100 words to 1,500.

short story

Short stories often range from 1,500 words to as many as 10,000 words.

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