35 - burlesque

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LATER THAT DAY @ 12:29pm


     I sat down on the black couch, Netflix on the TV. I gave a freshly made popcorn bag to Liza and David, as Alex and I shared a second one.

     "See, I don't understand this. Is this movie just her singing on stage?" David sighed, unamused. I threw a piece of the buttery snack at him.

     "No! There's more to this movie! Just watch." I turned up the volume to Burlesque as David sighed again.

     Suddenly, the door barged open as a pink haired boy and a blonde girl walked in. Their eyes darted around, obviously looking for something. The pink haired boy looked at me, and giggled. The blonde shut the door and made her way towards the couch.

     "Are you Luna?" She grinned. I nodded, hesitantly. "I'm Corinna, this is Dom." She pointed towards the stranger beside her. I raised my eyebrows.

     "Dom? As in, 'DurteDom'?" Dom laughed.

     "Hell yeah." He went for a high five, but ignored it.

     "Your comments are annoying." His smile quickly faded and and cleared his throat. The others bursted in fits of giggles and laughter.

     "Sorry 'bout that." He mumble an 'excuse me' and left the room, towards Alex's.

     "His comments are pretty annoying. Everyone hates them." Corinna put her hand on my shoulder. "Anyways, what movie is this?"

     "Oh, it's Burlesque. Luna put it on." David answered for her. "It's about a stripper who sings."

     "Okay, you know what." I reached for the controller and turned the movie off. "Since you're deciding to be so ungrateful." Alex groans beside me.

     "Hey! I was watching that!" I turned to him.

     "I'm sorry, bub. We can watch that together later." He nodded and smiled down at me, as I cuddled farther into him. Liza perked up, suddenly.

     "Lets go to Todd and Scott's place. They've been dying to meet Luna." Corinna sighed.

     "But I don't like Todd." She pouted. I furrowed my eyebrows together.

     "Why don't you like Todd?" I asked slowly.

     "It's a long story." I nodded. David and Liza got up, and walked towards the door.

     "C'mon slowpokes." Corinna groaned and followed them, Alex and I doing the same.

      As Liza and I raced down the hall towards the elevator. Just before we stepped into the elevator, a door on the right slammed open. A middle aged man with a red face was revealed.

     "Could you stupid kids keep it down?" He shouted, ironicly.

     "We apologize. Won't happen again," David apologized.

     "Damn right it won't happen again. I was about to make love!" I heard Alex cough as an attempt to not laugh as Liza snorted.

     "Once again, we're sorry sir. We're just excited," I smiled, my voice small and high pitched. He looked towards me and his face immediantly switched to a look of regret.

     "You know what? Be as loud as you wish. Sorry for yelling," He gave a small smile and closed the door gently. Everyone looked towards me, confused.

     "Why'd he listen to you?" Liza questioned.

     "Just have a way with words I guess," I shrugged and continued onto the elevator. We all piled in and right when the doors closed, David pushed the buttonfor the parking garage and yelled.

     "There's a big ass spider on the ceiling!" We all screamed and huddled together. David laughed loudly as he watched the scene before him. He had his camera out, holding his stomach. "You idiots,"

     I rolled my eyes, letting go of Alex. Alex let go of David and Liza let go of me.

     "Asshole," I muttered. Alex looked towards me snd smirked, leaning down.

     "It's okay, you get used to it," He whispered in my ear.

     "Yeah, and PTSD," Liza joked. I chuckled quietly as the "ding!" sounded and the doors opened up. We all walked out and towards the white Tesla.

     "David why'd you have to park so far," I moaned.

     We reached the car and each sat in our own seat. I was sat in the back with Alex. David began driving and I pulled out my phone, opening Spotify. I plugged my ear buds into the device and put one bud into my ear.

     "Can I listen too?" A shy voice asked. I nodded and gave Alex the other one. "Thanks."

     I opened Spotify and played rosemary by eevee. I felt a large hand on mine. I smiled at the floor and turned my hand over, interlocking my fingers with his.

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