Chapter 5: Fog Troupe and Subordinates

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Short Preview:

[Y/N] finally met the ex-assassin, Jafar and ex-gladiator, Masrur. While Sin talks with Jafar and Masrur about him being king, the trio, [Y/N], Aladdin and Morgana go to their rooms and learns about the Wonder Man named Alibaba. 
Could he be the Alibaba that Aladdin and Morgana is looking for?
(We all know the answer)



"Wonder man Alibaba, this country's number one Criminal"
I looked at Aladdin and Morgiana. They looked shock. I quickly secretly glare at the woman to go out. She saw me and put her stuff on her tray, rushing to get out of the room.

Suddenly Aladdin bowed Ugo and he appeared, full form. Aladdin, Morgiana and I grab him and he went to jump on the bed. It was fun but I'm pretty sure Aladdin called Ugo out to liven the mood.

Sure enough we three is quite sleepy so Aladdin called Ugo back and we went to our individual beds. I climbed up the bed and let the darkness take me. I had a dream tho. it was a really...

Nostalgia dream

Noone POV

The trio went to sleep as it was night. The next day, early in the morning, Sinbad, Jafar and Masrur is at Balbadd Royal Palace's guest room, discussing about the trade with the King.

Sinbad POV

I looked at the Saluja brothers and began talking, "Hey, why have you broken off trade with my country, Sindria." They begun to looked nervous and Sabumad whispers something to Abumad.

Abumad was first to talk, "Haha, calm down Sinbad. It's been a while." With Sabumad fidgeting behind him. I see, so they are trying to change the subject.

"You've become bigger, Saluja brothers. You're finally kings huh?" I replied. "Hahaha, your belly has gotten a bit bigger too." He responded, laughing. I walked to him and pull his belly, saying that it was nonsense to say that without having the rights.

I slammed the table with my fist, going back to the main point. "Anyways! My business comes first... Resume trade with Sindria! Sindria is an island country, it depends on trade to stay afloat. We cannot afford to lose Balbadd as a major trading partner."

"Furthermore, when we first started trading, Sensei -your father- taught me many things. I don't want to lose two countries current relationships."

Abumad looked at me and say, "Haa..It's sad... but resuming trade is impossible." "What!" I exclaimed in anger. " He quickly say, "That's how it is! Right now I have my hands full dealing with Balbadd's domestic issues!"

"Domestic issues?" I asked in confusion. Why haven't I heard of this!

Meanwhile at the trio [Noone POV]

"Fuaaa...." Aladdin yawned. "Good morning Morg and [N/N]." Morgiana quicky responds with, "Though it's already noon." while [Y/N] said a small Morning.

"Fufufu I was so excited last night that I passed out from exhaustion" Aladdin said with him huggin his pillow while Morgiana and [Y/N] agreed with him. "But it's a good that Ugo and Morgana didn't hit anything." Ever since I introduce you two to Ugo, he is no more shy in front of you!"

Morgiana questions the shyness but finally asked her main question, "Umm. By the way about the conversation last night..." [Y/N] starts to stiffend up. "Ah about the Wonder Man Alibaba?"

[Y/N] starts to speak up, "Don't think much about it. I'm pretty sure the Alibaba you know won't do such a thing since he helped you both." In her voice was a thin layer of lies but both Aladdin and Morgiana didn't notice it.

"Yup I agree." Aladdin and Morgiana smile. "But how will we find the real Alibaba, this is such a huge country. You're stump too Mor?" She nod "If you wish for it then fate will help us." [Y/n] says smiling.

"However it's also the thieves guilds fault that the boats to the Dark Continent have stopped." Aladdin said while the trio walks to the door. Morgiana looked down in sadness and wonders about what should they do and [Y/N] tries to cheer her up.

"Yeah... Since we promised the mister from yesterday to eat together, let ask him then." Aladdin suggest.

Back to the Palace [Sinbad POV]

"The thieves guild goes by the name of the 'Fog Troupe'" Abumad said and explains to us about the troupe. It seems like they were using strange dark magic and they are opposing the Royals *cough cough*.

There was a topic that is secretly as Abumad almost say it but Sabumad covered his mouth in time. How suspicious. Then Abumad ends the explanation about their fault being the reason why the trade cannot be resumed.

I stood up and respond to him, "So it's fine if I do something about them right?" I grab my knife and stab it into the table (Poor table ;.;) and I delared that I will go and exterminate this Fog Troupe without the help from the army. I then end this meeting and walk away to go and eat with Aladdin, Morgiana and [Y/N] with Jafar and Masrur behind me.

Time skip to the eating part
At the restaurant? [Noone POV]

A huge fish that is hot was served and placed in the middle of the table. the trio, Aladdin and [Y/N] was drooling while Morgiana was surprised with the size. "UWAAAA..."

"This is Balbadd's famous butter baked eumer sea bream. The eumer sea bream I'd a rare fish only found in Balbadd's coastal waters. It's secret is that even though it's a sea bream, it has soft bone and is an absolute delicacy when eaten with vanilla." Sinbad explains while The trio gobble up the food.

"When I first travelled here, it was the most delicious cooking I came across, that's an adventure's charms." Sinbad says then he remember something. "Oh right, I haven't introduce my subordinates yet. My subordinates are Jafar and Masrur," He introduce them.

"Morgiana!" Sinbad called for her and says, "Masrur is a fanalist," Morgiana shows a shock face and look at Masrurwhile [Y/N] and Aladdin finishes up the last few slices of the fish and listening to the conversation. "Did that surprise you? Actually, yesterday he also noticed. Your eyes are alike." Sinbad finished talking.

Masrur looked at her and bow with greetings while Morgiana does the same. Aladdin then drags Morgiana and [Y/N] to Masrur and introduce himself. "I'm Aladdin!" [Y/N] also introduce herself with a smile. "I'm [Y/N]."

Masrur looked at her and blush a bit. Lucky him no one saw. The trio starts to play with him while Sinbad and Jafar have a conversation about the Fog Troupe.

Aladdin was introducing Ugo too and showed Masrur the flute while Jafar was slipping on tea. Aladdin blow the flute and at the same time, Ugo's hands appeared, Sinbad finish talking and Jafar spitting tea.

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