Dragon Town: Loon Lake Magic is Back

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The magical town of Loon Lake is peaceful no more

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The magical town of Loon Lake is peaceful no more. A dead body washes ashore, found with its stomach ravaged. Missing swimmers return, impregnated with dragon's eggs. When medicine and her aunt's magic can't remove them, it's up to feisty university student Tonya who feels like she's losing control of her mind. As Loon Lake opens up to magic use and witches flood in from all over the globe, can she discover the identity of the perpetrators and force them to lift the curse before the egg inside her hatches too?

Here's the link to read Dragon Town: https://www.wattpad.com/story/127629424-dragon-town

This is book three in the Loon Lake Supernaturals series, and a sequel to Watty award-winning Feeding Frenzy.The great artistic experiment is back! Feeding Frenzy was written for NaNoWriMo with chapters posted once a week as it was being written. I never expected readers to find it, to vote on it, or to push it all the way up the chart until it was chosen for a Watty award (HQ Love award). In honour of those fans here is book 3 in the trilogy. (Yes, I wrote book 2 during the summer but haven't posted it yet. If I get enough votes for Dragon Town, I promise I will).

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