Chapter 2:Is he really Alive?

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This is it i should just let him kill me since i know this is the end for me.I crawled across the floor hoping to find a weapon or something I could use to hurt something the only thing i found from the first thing it sight was. 

I woke up sweating again"i really gotta stop doing this paranormal stuff with faith now."i said getting out of bed and trying not to wake creamer up.I went downstairs and i was met with my cousin Mitch sitting on the kitchen counter drinking his tea"mornin' mate" Mitch greeted me with his goofy Australian accent i giggles and hugged him"top of the mornin' to ya Mitch"i greeted him back with my goofy irish accent.

"so liz,wha were you and your other mate doin down at the ol abandoned library?"Mitch asked me with curiosity in his voice.I was going to lie to him but since when have a lied to my cousin?I have never lied to him we made a promise not to lie so i guess i have to tell him."Okay so recently there was a place we were at you know that...Faith wanted to go and see if it was really haunted...We went inside and that was the last I remember i think i heard a voice then we just ran....I think."

He looked at me like I lost all my sane.He just took one last sip of his tea and got down." well bet you had the weirdest dream eva."He said walking into the living room to get his shoes on." but it WASNT a dream you TAR ÉIS a chreidiúint dom!"(HAVE to believe me!) i said letting my irish kick in.All he did was look at me tell me hes going to work and left.

I stood there thinking of what happened yesterday."You will go down too"i said and kept repeating i to myself until...I ran to my book shelf taking out the book i was reading yesterday.I went to page 87 and went to the middle of the paragraph.

Cat looked around and kept hearing the words 'you will go down too!'she ran trying to find something to use to get rid of the spirit of Jeff Dylans.Cat grabbed a cross threw it on the ground taking a book he wrote setting it on fire in front of the cross."IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED!?"cat yelled,the spirit immediately went silent then cat ran and left hoping to never see that place again.

thats it THATS IT! i ran upstairs grabbing my phone quickly dialing faiths number.She answered tiredly."h-hello?"she said"faith i know this isnt the right time but i think i know how to talk to the spirit!" i frantically said she gasped"Hold on i'll be down there in five minutes!" She said and hung up.

In five minutes she knocked three times really fast. I quickly opened the door as i quickly let her in .I sat down and quickly turned to page 87 in the book she sat down and looked at the page with me...I read the middle  page to her and she gasped when finished.

"so in order to get rid of the soul we have to get a cross,get a book of his,and burn it infront of the cross""faith asked me"i guess so"i said back.

We walked back to the abondaoned library with one of his books I had that was bad and torn up.We walked inside trying to find the spirit.'you will go down too'we heard we went towards it till it got really loud we placed the cross down and grabbed a lighter.We put the book down and set it on fire.He went silent just as the book told,but then...something unexpected happened we were dragged towards a hole.

Faith almost fell down after me.I screamed the whole way down when i hit the ground i immediately passed out.

I woke up feeling the world spinning around me....and i looked down...i was hanging from chains connected to the ceiling my wrist were bleeding madly and i looked over at faith.She looked at me with a scared face trying to tell me to keep quiet.

Then something happened....Someone i had hoped had would pop out of the shadows.

"hello girls...i've got a TREAT for you"


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