I've decided to write a love story! And this is going to be my attempt at it, so bare with me. The first couple of chapters are just about setting everything up and describing personalities and surroundings and such. I'm sorry if it bores you, but give it a chance. It's not going to be just another teenage love story, there will be a major twist. I promise it will get better!! :D

One thing you should know is, i'm not from America! I'm from New Zealand and we say 'mum' and not 'mom'. So if you see me sometimes write 'mum', you know why. Also, i don't claim to know anything about the USA, i just like to set my stories there. So if i make a mistake or something, please don't take it as a oppurtunity to pull at minuscule faults. 

Also, when i post my writing onto Wattpad the layout decided to go crazy. So i'm sorry for the huge gaps in between paragraphs.  :D

This story is all in my own words and copyrighted by me.

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Lots of Love,

citydreamer AKA Carly xo