Chapter 4

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          “Here we are, Casebolt.” I heard Jace say as he softly shook me out of my slumber.

          “Oh, okay. I’m sorry. I hadn’t intended to fall asleep.”

          “No bother, I don’t mind.”

          I glanced around. It was so beautiful here. So gorgeous, so breathtaking it was. We were at the beach, but a beach I’d never been to before. I’d lived my whole life here, how could I have missed this?! The sun was setting, right on the horizon, making the water a shade different. Still the sand was hot, from being in the sun all day. The trees were gorgeous, the sand was gorgeous, and the water was gorgeous. This place was indescribable.

          “Where are we?” I inquired.

          “That, my dear, is a secret.”

          “But what if I want to come back here?”

          “Well then, I guess you’ll just have to come again with me, won’t you?”

          Lazily, I sat in the sand and stared off into the amazing view. When I glanced over, I noticed that Jace had started laying a blanket down, and spreading the makings of a picnic out. Even though I’d much rather look at the view, I decided to get up and wandered over to help.

          “No no! Don’t worry about it. Please just go sit and relax for a moment. I brought you here so you could do just that, now go.”

          I was so tired and exhausted from today that I just sat my butt right in the sand next to Jace. Being this close to him was torture. He smelled good. He radiated heat. By now, I’m pretty sure I like this boy. I mean, why in the world wouldn’t I?! He’s gorgeous, he’s amazingly sweet, and he’s nice to me. I just wish he’d fall for a girl like me. Sometimes life is just so unfair.

          “Okay, Cambria, you can come eat now.”

          Glancing down, I saw that there were berries, chips, and things to make a sandwich.

          “I hope you like it. I didn’t really know what to pack. You’ve never really told me about what you liked.”

          “No no, it’s fine! I like sandwiches and berries. Thanks so much Jace. It really means a lot to me. It’s good to feel liked every once in awhile.” I said.

          “Cambria, you’re liked every day.”

          “No, I’m not Jace. No one likes me that much. I’m just a boring, nerdy, fat, ugly girl who has hearing aids and doesn’t talk to anyone.”

          “Don’t say that to yourself. Please don’t. Everyone’s beautiful in their own ways.”

          “Don’t pull that over me. Just don’t, because yeah, everyone may be beautiful, but I’m not at our school. No one likes me there. I’m an outcast. I’m not liked.”

          “You’re ‘liked’ every damn day by me Casebolt. Let’s change the subject now. I don’t want to dwell on this and ruin everything.”

          “Well okay then. Uhm…”

          “So what do you think of this place?” he questioned.

          “I really love it. It’s so beautiful.”

          “Well, I’m glad. I had just wanted you to cheer up. It bothers me when you’re sad.”

          “So you must be bothered a lot then?” I asked.

          “Uh, no not really?” Jace remarked with a questioning tone.

          I just kind of sat there and thought for a little bit, ignoring both Jace and my food. Maybe he really didn’t understand me, but I thought he did. I thought he knew that I was depressed and down, but I guess not.

          “Casebolt, what did you mean?”

          “I… I just thought you understood more than you do.” I replied, getting up and grabbing my jacket. While Jace looked down for a second, I took the moment to run off. Suddenly, everything seemed like a bad idea. Jace seemed like a bad idea. Coming out here with him seemed like an even worse one.

          It wasn’t until I’d been running for awhile that I realized I had no idea where I was. Why’d I have to be so completely stupid to run off? Couldn’t I have just waited and gone home with him, then just ignored him for awhile? Why on Earth did I have to come up with all of these good ideas after I was already lost? Knowing I was lost, I just sat down, and some time later, fell asleep. 

         A few hours, I awoke, more depressed than ever, so I rummaged through my jacket pocket and took out my knife.

*Jace’s Point of View*

          Solemnly, wishing we could get over the conversation of Casebolt’s marvelous beauty, I looked down to grab some more food. Somehow, I missed the sound of her running footsteps, carrying her off into the evening. When I looked up, she was just gone; nowhere to be found. Forgetting about the food and blankets, I scurried up and into my car. She couldn’t have gone far, unless she’d run of course, but I don’t think Cambria liked running much. In a way, it kind of hurt that she’d gone off. If she’d wanted me to take her home, she could’ve said something, and the two of us would be on our way back. I’d do anything for her; she’s important to me.

          I’d been driving in circles around the area we’d been in for hours, and yet, no signs of Casebolt. Eventually though, I got an idea. What if she’s hidden in a bush or tree or something of the like? Deciding to get out and walk around for a bit seemed to be a good idea, so I did just that.

          While I was wandering around, I came across a bush that looked a little odd, so I pushed it apart; I gasped at what I’d just seen. 

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