Chapter 7

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That was faster than I expected," Cris said, taking a seat next to Nelson on the waiting lounge. "I thought it would take time until they called you."

"Yeah," Nelson said distracted, staring the double door on the back wall.

"Everything's gonna be okay."


"You've done this before, right?"


"Good. It's my first time doing something like this, so I'm a little nervous."


"Are you listening to me?"


"I do an amazing oral. Do you want one?" Cris whispered in Nelson's ear.

"Yeah," the swimmer answered in the same distracted voice. Then he raised his eyes and turned to Cris. "Wait, what did you just say?"

"I said you should eat this," Cris said slowly, pulling a banana from a plastic bag with a serious expression.

"No, no, no. I have a strong feeling that wasn't what you said."

Cris blinked with a puzzled expression. "Then what I said?"

"You said something about an amazing ora..." Nelson widened his eyes and trailed off, his face bright red.

Cris showed a huge grin. "What was that? Finish that sentence," he pressed on, leaning closer to Nelson.

"Never mind," the swimmer mumbled, turning his face away, his cheeks still red.

Cris laughed as Nelson ran a hand over his face and covered his mouth trying to hide his embarrassed smile.

"That made me feel better."

"I'm happy for you," Nelson said in a dry voice.

"Come on, don't be mad and eat this." Cris, still smiling, pushed the banana to Nelson.

Nelson looked at the banana. "I'm not hungry," he said in a stubborn voice.

"You barely ate breakfast. As far as I know, the exam will take some time, so you gotta eat something." When Nelson still refused to take the food, Cris sighed and peeled half the banana. "You'll eat this one way or the other. How do you think it's gonna look when people see me feeding my banana to a man? Normally is the other way around."

Nelson shook his head and chuckled despite everything. Then he discreetly looked around. There were some people in the waiting lounge giving them second glances, some staring them without any discretion. But when they realized the swimmer was watching them back, they looked away or turned to their phones, pretending they weren't looking.

"See? I have a reputation. If people see you eating my banana, weird rumors will spread," Cris said, nodding slowly as if he said something deep and smart. Nelson couldn't help but laugh. That made Cris show a cute smile. "Ah! You finally laughed!

"If you keep saying those weird things, it's hard to keep sulking."

"Then if you want me to stop saying perfectly normal things, eat my banana by yourself. Instead of, you know, me feeding to you." Nelson looked between the fruit and the smiling boy. "You don't know how to eat a banana? I can teach you, but not here. It can get pretty graphic."

"How do expect me to eat it now?" Nelson said in a hushed whisper, snagging the banana from Cris' hand. His face became red again as he stared at the fruit. Under his manager's smile and eyes, he placed the banana sideways and nibbled it. "I'd never thought I'd find someone bossier than my ex," he mumbled between bites.

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