Thank you for taking the time to read my book! It truly means a lot to me.

Check out the book trailer above! I would like to thank Escapethepeace for creating the beautiful cover featured in the trailer above and for helping me come up with a fitting title. If any of you would like a cover for your book, definitely check her out!

I am always looking to improve my craft. If you spot any typos, glaring plot holes, unbelievable characterization, or not-so-compelling dialogue, please let me know! Also note this is a first draft. So, I want to flesh out this book more. If there are any scenes you think should be fleshed out, please let me know!

This book is mostly in Melanie's point-of-view, but every now and then, it hops over to Ethan's point-of-view. I'll be sure to label them so there's no confusion.

Also, please vote if you enjoy my book! Every little bit helps.

Much love,

Jen xo

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