Niall's POV

We had just parked the car in the Nandos' parking lot and jumped out of the van. I saw Sarah in the window so I grabbed Jeanette hand and dragged her inside, while the others rushed to keep up behind us.

"SARAH!!!" Jeanette and I said at once approaching the lot.

"Little Lights! Nialler!!" Sarah jumped up and hugged us both. The lads from The Wanted looked at us funny.

"There are two Horans?" Siva asked. It just came out like 'Horns' cause he said it a little fast.

"No, there are two 'HORANS'. " My sister corrected him. I laughed.

"This is my bestie Jeanette." Sarah introduced as she hugged my bandmates and her ex-bandmates. She even hugged Chloe. I thought they hated eachother. I mean, come on, Chloe DID replace Sarah in the girls' band!

"She's told us so much about you." Jay said to me sister up and down. I tensed. Jeanette patted my back.

"Aw, Ni, you don't need to be so protective." She whispered to me.

"oh yes he does! And so do we." Hannah told us. Jeanette scrunched up her nose.

"Would you all like to join us?" Max asked. We all agreed. Liam and Gabby went up to order,  leaving the rest of us sitting down. Then The Wanted lads started asking my sister and her bandmates questions.

"Where'd you girls meet?" Tom asked. Nia answered.

"The X Factor just like One Direction."

"Do you have any singles out?" Siva asked. Gabby answered.

"Not our own. We only have Cover singles out."

"Speaking of singles, Are any of you single?" Max asked.

"Only me." Chloe said then glanced at Zayn. "But not for long, I hope."

"DIBS!!" Siva shouted. Chloe blushed. Zayn looked like a volcano about to erupt. He'd better get to her before Siva.

"Jeanette, if you're not single, who's the lucky guy?" Jay asked looking interested. Jeanette rubbed the back of her neck elbowing me in the nose. Ouch! That HURT!

"Oh my gosh! I'm sorry Ni!" Jeanette squeaked hugging me.

"I'm fine J."

"Woah! You have the same name as me!" Jay exclaimed.

"Nickname, actually." Jeanette corrected. "Now to answer your question, I am dating Harry." Jay frowned not expecting 'Harry' to be her answer, as Harry himself wrapped his arm around Jeanette's waist. Jay and Harry both glared at each other.

"How come you kicked Sarah out of the band?" Nathan sent a death glare to my sister and her bandmates. "She's your best friend!"

"Nath!" Sarah scolded.

"She's still in the band!" Jeanette argued. " We have a six-person-band now!"

The lads and I gasped. The girls cheered. Sarah and Jeanette smiled. They knew something we didn't.

"I'm sorry." Nathan replied, guilty. "I didn't know."

"And for the record," Nia spoke. "If Sar hadn't have found out that Jay were her brother, she wouldn't have left us in the first place." Liam and Gabby returned to our table with the food.

"Hey Gab! Li! Guess what! Shut The Lights is a six-person-band now! Sarah's still in!" Nia squealed. Gabby and Liam cheered and sat down with us.

"So Jen," Siva said. "Are you from Ireland like your brother? Are you Irish?" This I didn't even know the answer to.

"Yeah. I was born here. I lived here for a few years and then was moved to France for another few years, then we moved to England where we stayed."

"Well then, Welcome home!!" Siva welcomed her.

"Y'know," Liam thought. "Why don't we have a 'Welcome Home Party' for Jeanette, Siva, and Niall?" Everyone agreed.

"Good. The party shall be Saturday night."

"That's two days away." Sarah said. "It gives us enough time to prepare."

We all got up and ready to leave, when Siva stopped Jeanette and I.

"Hey you two. Why don't we go enjoy Ireland for a while?"

"Yeah J! You'll finally get to see such a beautiful place!" I jumped up and down. It was my way of convincing her. "You can bring Harry!"

"Fine." She finally agreed. Harry came over to us hearing his name. We told him our plan and he agreed to come.

"COME ON!! LET'S GO NOW!!" Jeanette jumped up and down impaitently like I had done minutes before. She ran out Nandos dragging Harry behind her who called 'woah horsie woah!' and 'slow down Lightning!'. Siva and I laughed.

"She's just like you." Siva told me. I nodded.