Chapter 29

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Safiya prostrated in front of her Lord, starting her day with the first prayer. She was making this her habit to spend her time with her Lord or with her grandmother because it kept her calm and saved her from any negative thoughts of her past.

As she was keeping her prayer mat inside the cupboard, Dado entered her room. The sun was trying very hard to peek from behind the dark clouds of June but the world had started its journey as birds chirped and moved in flocks for their daily food while the man traveled alone for his bread.

"Dado, I was thinking of asking you, can we go to the market today. I have to buy some stuff."

Safiya asked her grandmother glancing at the opened window of her room and then at her Dado who was diligently hearing every word.

"Yes, of course. I had to go to grocery shopping. Get ready after breakfast, fine?" 

Safiya nodded and came back to her bed as Dado left her room. As days were moving ahead, her eyes were becoming deprived of sleep. Her mind was muddled up in her past, she was struggling to move on in her present and was unsure of her future. The abuse from her parents had made her empty from inside; it had snatched her ability of decision making, she couldn't focus on anything and being alone was the worse thing for her as it always left her in pieces.

She was trying to find calmness in anything around her. Safiya had started praying just because of this reason, she had started getting teachings about Islam but nothing was able to give her peace which she was craving and didn't know till when she would be doing that.

"Okay. Look at this and taste it. It's perfectly fine."

Safiya huffed in annoyance putting up the plate of the tiramisu in front of her grumpy boss who was now her husband and was not leaving a moment to make her realize because of his rubbish tantrums. Firstly, he scolded her for doing every chore slow and now this man was all of a sudden feeling that tiramisu had more sugar than required.

If men became like this after marriage then nobody should ever get married. After their nikah, Safiya went to Bhopal as Dado had somethings to sort out and also she wanted to give her granddaughter the jewelry she had prepared for her. Dado needed help with some more stuff so her two days stay extended and became a week's stay. Safiya also met with Nanna who was ecstatic about her marriage and she also came to know about the new paying guest named Ghazal and her cute little kid Adam who was coming to live with them after some days.

And didn't know what happened that week to this man in front of her? Maybe Daiyan fell on his head! She didn't know anything about here as she didn't have her cellphone and maybe she had lost it when Raem sort of kidnapped her. She had to buy one for herself but it had very little priority in Safiya's life. Later she became so busy that Safiya had no time to contact anyone. Yes at one time she talked with Mehnaz aunt on Nanna's cell and asked about her well being and all. But what was there for Daiyan, she didn't say anything to him and she didn't do anything silly to rise his temper.

"The sugar is too much, Ms.Safiya. Fix it because I won't serve this to my customers." 

Daiyan slowly shoved the plate towards her and got up while Safiya glanced at Kirtika Ma'm who maybe came seeing her boss's foul mood.

"Daiyan calm down. She will do it but just lower your voice." 

Kirtika tried to handle the matter but it was already out of hand. Even a clingy girlfriend threw fewer tantrums than her boss! She should just punch in his gut to fix his head, brute! Daiyan watched Safiya for some moment then moved away from her counter.

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