Something happens...

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{3rd Person}

"And now here's the latest on Ordinal Scale, the AR game everyone's talking about. We hear that bosses from Sword Art Online' s Old Aincrad have appeared in it's event battles." One girl in orange started to explain.

"Apparently, you can haul in a ton of points in the boss raids." One girl in blue said.

"Not only that, but the odds there'll be a live performance by Yuna are extremely high! What I wouldn't give to rank up and earn enough to cover my internet fees!" The blue girl with purple hair said excitedly.

"Now, now. Also, do to "The Complete SAO incident records" being published last month, it seems there's been a surge in those wanting to relive Sword Art Online, now shut down." The reporter girl explained.

"So people are jumping on the bandwagon after the fact, huh?"

"That's why, alongvwjrh the increase of Augma users, there's been a downturn in logins got mainstream VR games like ALO and GGO."

"Is everyone bored or VR?" the purple haired girl asked.

"I couldn't say for sure, but we have some of the shows past guest live right now." The reporter explained.

Reviews were happening from some ALO members. From other guilds. Also GGO.

A man walked over to the computer hearing Yuna's song play live for everyone after the announcement of the concert.

He clicked on to some secret started to load.



It was a gorgeous day out. Notifications started to go off on my Augma as I put it on.

Yui appeared smiling big.

"Morning, daddy!" Yui said happily.

"Morning, Yui." I greeted.

"Where are we?" She asked curiously looking around.

"Oh, this is where Sinon participated in that event battles yesterday." I explain.

"It seems like Mommy's really giving it her all." Yui said.

"Looks like it."

Yui looked at a calander I had up.

"What's the date for?" She asked.

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