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my math class had finished and i gotta say. it wasn't as bad, i kinda liked it. i exited the class and i successfully found my own to my locker. it was lunch now and i have no idea where to go. i was shutting my locker and the familiar brown haired boy i saw in my previous lessons showed.

"hey kamiya" he smiled. his dimples cute af.

"hi derek" i smiled back taking my lunch out my locker.

"what you doing for lunch?" he asked

"honestly, i have no idea."

"wanna sit with me and my friends?" he asked

"thanks, that's so sweet of you but i was hoping i'll find nell-"

"oh nella? yeah she sits with us as welll that's my boys girl." he said cutting me off.

"oh, okay. i'll join." i smiled walking away with him

"oh by the way, thanks for saving my ass in history this morning."

i laughed at the reminder of when he said "barrison"

"yeah it's cool."

"so, what was it like in your old school?" he asked

"ermm, to be honest with you..."

i didn't want to tell him about my past. it was way too embarrassing but i did decide to tell him something relatable.

"it was stressful."

"very stressful." i added

"what do you mean by that?"


"people were very open with their opinions." i stated

i'm pretty sure that was a good excuse.

by the time he could've replied we had already walked into the lunch hall.

i was confused on why he didn't go and buy his lunch.

he took me to the table with his friends

"wassup hoes" he greeted his friends

"hey kamiyaaa" nella cheered while being cuddled up with her boyfriend.

"hey nella" i chuckled

"kamiya this is skate, johnson, jack, sammy, kassandra." nella introduced.

"and i'm guessing you've already met derek. considering he walked you here." nella added

"yeah" i laughed lightly

"it's nice to meet you guys though." i added

"nice to meet you too." kassandra said with a smile on her face.

we all began eating and started chatting ourselves away.

"no lunch again derek." skate pointed out

"nah, my moms low on cash right now." he said calmly


"do you want me to buy you something?" i asked

"nah, i'm good b" he said

"you sure?"

"yeah" he smiled

i continued to eat my burger and left a bit left for derek.

"i just met you and i'm not letting you starve." i said passing him my burger.

he lightly chuckled and took my burger.

"thanks kamiya" he smiled

i looked up and everyone was looking at us in awe and i gave a confused look to them.

lunch had ended a while later and we was currently in homeroom with only 2 minutes left until the end of school.

i was randomly doodling on my notepad. to be honest i really don't know what i was drawing. i was just bored. the bell had rung signalling it was the end of school.

i looked up from my book and it turned out i drew two roses. oh.

wasn't that bad

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wasn't that bad.

i wouldn't say i'm a artist. i just draw when i'm really bored. what i really like to do is design clothes. i was inspired by my dad when i went to his workplace.

i picked up my prada bag and walked out of class. i exited the school buildings and made my way to my car and drove off blasting 'beibs in the trap' by travis scott.

so my first day in a new school wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. i'm happy that i made nice friends.

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