Chapter One. (Edited)

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Shattered: Damaged.

Diyin': Soul.


I glared at the school's headmaster with the deepest hatred possible. With the deepest hatred that I could muster, allowing it to consume me. This damn bitch was keeping me from my Alex. I could kill her if I needed to.

"Sasha, you do understand that starting yet another fight in P.E. will lead to your suspension, correct?" I rolled my eyes from this and stood up. The organization wouldn't allow it to happen, not only because I was their top assassin, that and they also couldn't afford to be short a member.

"I'm leaving. I don't have time for this,"

"Sasha," The headmistress called out my name, gaining my attention, "You are aware that you're required to join a club right?" This again, seriously? Why were they so hell bent on having me join a club? 

"I am aware, and your threats don't work on me. I have more important things outside of school to handle," With this, I walked out of the office and made my way towards one of the many school exits. My speed happened to be faster than usual since I wanted to see my Alex.

A body slammed into me, causing me to pause briefly, "Fuck, sorry," A small voice mumbled. I looked at the woman and felt the air escape my lungs. She's a gorgeous woman, on the curvy side but nonetheless, she's absolutely gorgeous.

"It's fine. Excuse me," I walked past her, not bothering to see if she was okay and walked out of the building and rushed to my car. Alex, don't be mad at me. I begged as I got into my and sped out of the school parking lot. I hope she isn't upset. I can't stand to see her upset. Ever, no matter how cold my heart is towards other people who aren't my Alex.

I pulled into the complex garage and quickly parked my car and rushed up the stairs since they were faster than the elevator. I ignored my neighbors as per usual except, this time was a bit different. Somehow, during my internal ranting about Alex forgiving me, I must have ended up walking into someone, or maybe they had walked into me.

"Shit," The girl blushed as I watched her stand up from the ground, "Oh. Sorry, I wasn't paying attention." I dragged my attention away from the girl and searched my bag for my apartment keys as I heard Alex give out a scream of laughter. She's awake, fuck! An urge filled me, and I continued to further dig my hand's into my bag to find the keys. I knew I should have put them on my keychain with the car keys. 

"Oh, we're neighbors!" The woman exclaimed, just as I found the keys. I held back the sigh of relief that wanted to escape from this, "I'm Alice." I looked at her and gave her a faint nod as I unlocked the apartment door.

"Sasha Diyin'." The front door swung open to reveal London - my boss - and my little Alex.

"Mama!" Alex screamed as she ran past London and made a dash to hug my legs. Even though Alex was only two, she looked like a nine-month-old - I guess her father had been the same when he was born - Alex was very smart for her age. I had also made sure she was and is well educated.

"Hey, beautiful. How was your day?" I asked as I leaned down and picked Alex up. She laid her head on my chest, causing a faint smile to tug at my lips. Alex giggled and buried her face between my devil breast. There was a long story behind that saying, and it was a story I didn't feel like getting into. 

"Fun, Lon made 'ookies!" I gave London a hard look, this look had caused her to flinch back. I didn't want Alex having so much sugar. God knows I had already spoiled her with sweets when it was just the two of us. 

"Mama, let's play!" I smiled from this and set Alex down. She ran back into the apartment then quickly returned with her rabbit. Alex is my world, the light to my darkness, that single color in a world full of shades, Alex was my color.

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