Chapter 1: Jeff Dylans murder house

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I ran...ran as fast as i could.I ran till i couldn't breathe anymore, he followed me until I fell.When I fell i knew this was the end for me my career, my life, my friends this is the end.

I woke up sweating, having a nightmare about my career as a ghost hunter.I had not realized i missed 10 calls and 30 texts from my friend Lizzy grants.I swipped my finger across my phone opening it, i read all the text from her and i started freaking out...that wasnt a nightmare.

faithGhosterGirl27:hey liz sorry i didnt awnser ya had the worst nightmare...

                                                              Its fine!JUST DONT SCARE ME LIKETHATGIRL!:LizTheOreGrants

faithGhostergirl27:hey wanna hang out?heard theres a new Denners around here wanna try it out?

      sure!then after that their is a new "haunted house"ppl on the internet found:LizTheOreGrants

faithGhostergirl27:sure!where is it?

                                                                                                                                 21  Henrietta St. :LizTheOreGrants

faithGhostergirl27:kk see you in 30minutes?


I put my phone down rubbing my eyes and putting my glasses on.I walked into the living room seeing my dog Cookie sitting on my couch i walked over to the kitchen and got her some food giving him 2/4 of a cup like always."Cookies Served!" i yelled like always and her head perked up and ran into the kitchen and started eating and closed the gate to the kitchen.I went upstairs and ot dressed and went back downstairs to be greeted at the kitchen gate by cookie."hey buddy,wanna go on a walk?and see creamer?" i said to my dog she started barking and jumping.

I opened the gate and grabbed her leash putting my shoes and and clipping the leash to her collar.I walked down the road with cookie and when we got to Lizzy's house I gave cookie the signal and she started barking.I saw liz look through her bedroom window and ran down her stairs.She opened the door and i was greeted by my best friend and cookie was greeted by creamer."Hey faith!"lizzy said as she jumped on me hugging me.I let the leash go.Creamer and cooki ran inside and started to play with each other."ready to go to denners?"i asked my super hyper friend.She jumped up and said she was ready.Lizzy locked her door and we were off.

After we ate breakfast we went to the house lizzy was talking about it was a small manor house kinda looks like a jail from the 80's.We walked in there isn't a door sign of haunted. The inside looked really bad.Not really much to explore though.We heard something and we turned around.'You will go down as well'we jumped and ran down.We left after that.

"didnt expect something like that!"i told Lizzy.She nodded in agreement.We headed toward Lizzys house to hangout.I was looking at a book she was reading.It Was called The Murder Of Jeff Dylans.It was a fiction book but the cover was the same picture of the house we were just at.I nudged her arm."hey that book has the same picture of the house we were just in."She looked at the cover and her mouth went wide open in amazment"but this is a fictional don't think the person who talked to us was Jeff Dylans?do you?"i looked at her and then might have figured out who was talking"was the author someone called Jeff dylans?"i asked"yea it is he died in 1980"she replied back"then i think who was talking to us."i told her"so the author of this book my have died by a book shelf with all 100 books hes published?"she theored as she looked at my with couriosity.

"he might have"


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