Chapter 4 - To Embrace the Limits

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No one's POV

They spent the rest of the day talking about their victims and sharing fighting techniques, until Chara got bored and started throwing knives at everyone and they started sparring. After a while, Dream came home and they had to leave. Horror gestured for Dust to follow him near the Dreamtale Tree.
"Can I see you tomorrow in my universe? I want to show you something," Horror asked hopefully. Dust smiled.
"Sure, I'd love to! Meet'cha at about 1, yeah?" Horror nodded.
"I'll see ya there, Dusty," Dust looked at him strangely. A dark purple blush tinted his face.
"Dusty?" He questioned. It was Horror's turn to blush. His face lit up with a deep blood red.
"Sorryididntthinkitjustcameoutpkeaseforgiveme," Horror blurted out, flustered. Dust laughed.
"Geez, it's alright. You can call me what you want. See ya, H," Dust teleported away with a click of his bony fingers.

Horror's POV


I'd fallen for him.
All night I couldn't get him out of my head. It was like his face was burned into my mind. I couldn't think of anything else. Every time I closed my eyes, his face would be there. His voice rang in my mind. He'll never accept you. Just cherish the friendship you have. This is the best it's gonna get. Be happy with what you've got. You're just friends.

Just friends.


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