= Chapter 58 =

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" Watch me pretend to feel no pain."

-Jeremy Lockhart

The loud cheers echo from every corner, it definitely isn't the first time I heard that. It would've seemed like one of my usual matches, but this time it's different. She is coming. God, if only she knew what was going to happen next. If only she knew why the series of events were going to happen. 

With my elbows against my knees, I sat backstage, trying to switch my mindset to what Blades would think. When I'm in that ring, I'm no more good boy Jeremy– I'm the legendary Blades.

And when there's a match involving Blades, people expect to see blood. Ironically, I hate the sight of that.

Kai massaged my shoulders, continuously advising on different techniques which I haven't been paying much attention to. I couldn't get her out of my head, Skylar's smile, the sadness in her eyes after I said those brutal words.

And yet, she's so supportive to come.

The shrill ring of the bell, signaled my call to walk out into the ring. I wasn't sure who was my opponent since every wrestler had their own nickname, but I was sure it would be someone from Bronze Eagles.

"On the right side, we have our legendary up-rising winner BLADES! On the left, we have our champion over three years, TRITON!" The announcer yelled out to the restless crowd. Walking into the ring with confidence radiating off me, I took off my hoodie– a mask still covering my identity.

Dimly aware of the hush that befell the crowd, I faced my opponent and waited. My eyes widened at the familiar sight of his grey eyes that huanted my childhood. Dante.

He has been the defending champion?!

I should've known.

Don't lose. don't lose. don't lose.

The announcer retreated with an appreciative wink. The buzzer sounded.

Dante moved. So quick.

I jerked back, aside. The blow was meant for my jaw, but he missed it by the brush of his knuckles. From the corner of my eye, I saw his other arm begin an upward punch. I ducked this time, and felt my hair ruffle with the force of it.

Drop to the floor. Roll clear, stand. Distract him.

Dante charged with a roar like a bull. I sidestepped, whirled to face him. He lunged once again. I avoided one flying fist, only to collide with another.

A sharp sting fading fast, as I stood up again. In front of me, Dante grinned and jabbed my gut.

"Come on Jeremy, is that all you got? Damn, you just made this fight an easier win!" Dante snickered.

Block. Shove away. Defend. Tire him out.

Avoidance was simple, but it couldn't last forever, I remembered Kai's words. The crowd wanted action. They came for blood. Minutes passed with no contact, and I felt pressure emanating from all sides, a nearly audible chant: BLADES! BLADES! BLADES!

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