Friends...or are they? (#NotReally)

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TheGreatPapyrus- H-hello Chica

ChicaChicken- Oh! Hey Papyrus! :)

TheGreatPapyrus- H-hey! I have made you some spaghetti, its on one of the tables. D-did you enjoy it?

ChicaChicken- Oh, sorry. I didn't eat it! :(

TheGreatPapyrus- What! But, that means that, you have left it for me so you could share with me, as a friend?! WOWIE!! :D

ChicaChicken- Euh, yeah! that's the reason! ;)

TheGreatPapyrus- Thank you Friend! :)

ChicaChicken- Okay...

                                                                    Springtrap and Nightmare has joined the server.

Nightmare- HIIII CHICA!!! :D

ChicaChicken- HAIIIII!!! :D :D :D


Springtrap- ...........

ChicaChicken- Springtrap?

Nightmare- TRAPPY?!?!

TheGreatPapyrus- Spring of Trap!!!!

Springtrap-.......why did I wake up this morning.....:(

Nightmare- Cause we love you.....(love emoji)

ChicaChicken- Hey Springtrap? How is Mangle doing since Freddy slapped her silly?

Springtrap- Don't.....Just don't

Nightmare- Let Mangle see this and love it :D

Springtrap- She loves it and thanks you oh and Papyrus

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Springtrap- She loves it and thanks you oh and Papyrus...

TheGreatPapyrus- Yes?

Springtrap- Mangle hates you..

TheGreatPapyrus- .....

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