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"FUCK" I screamed as I stopped the car got my submachine gun Becca and Zoey already out of the car shooting those bastards .

Shit shit shiiit

I got out and aimed at one of those huge motherfuckers who had an eye patch and holding butterfly knives in his hand aiming at Zoey and I shot him in the other eye as he dropped dead .
I take the other then the next not stopping until The one gunshot that took my attention I turn and see that Becca was shot on her forearm but still holding her ground exchanging the gun to the other hand and started shooting again , releasing a breath I didn't know I was holding I was about to start shooting again my phone rang

" GREAT " I shout
I take the phone out of my back pocket
and see whose calling unknown well thank god for caller ID
Ezra Lincoln
I growl as I pick it up
" busy here Lincoln " I say as I start shooting again

" where are you ? And what's going?"
He sounds calm

" none of your business , and were being shot at....FUCK " I scream as a bullet goes through my right thigh I try to shoot on that bitch that shot me but my gun was empty ..

" shit shit bitch ass " I hiss
" HEY Rosalie are you okay ? Tell me where you are right now -" the phone falls down as someone pushes a knife in my throat , I gasp trying to relax my body .
Rebeca and zoey just finished the last of those guys except for the one that stands behind me ..
" Game over Miss queen " he whispered his breath hitting the back of my neck making flinch
"GET OFF ME" I screamed but the knife went deeper blood started to fall
" no way boss will be very happy if I brought you to him "

" wha- no I won't go anywhere with you bitch ass "

" bitch ass ? Is that even a word ?! "

" yes I invented it fucker now move " I tried moving his hand again but no use so I just did the first thing came in my mind , I stepped on his foot then head busted him making him jerk away from me his knife falling away from him , then Zoey shot him twice in each leg and he let out a scream if pain which made me grin , he had a brown hair that reached his neck , black eyes, and olive skin .

" who is this boss of yours ? " I asked bending down so I can be at his level of sight and grown remembering my leg injury .
" never "
I hate it when the are stubborn
My inner self says
I push my fingers into the mans wound and he screams again
" who is he ?" I said my voice rough ,
But he just laughs
Thats it !!
I take zoeys gun and shoot him and then I noticed the tattoo that was on his neck it was an eye and inside was a python. I told Zoey to take a photo of it and went to see Becca she was resting near our car her hand in her forearm trying to stop the bleeding I went over to her and held her up and helping her inside the car and then I heard I saw another car coming I turn to see that it was Ezra and two others one of them was the guy from before whom I assume his name was bryse and the other was tall 6'6   Maybe , brown hair , brown eyes he wore a black shirt and a ripped jeans 

And he is staring at Zoey
My inner self commented
All three looked around eyes wide with shock then my eyes looked with Ezras silver ones
Stars above 
We stood like that for sometime the I broke the silence
" how did you find us ?"

" Seriously thats what your asking about!?" Ezra said throwing his hands in the air

" well yeah since I never told you where we were "

" I tracked you down.. well basically I told Louise to track you.."

" ugggh fine whatever " I said then got in my car myself then realise that I can't drive with an injured leg

"EZRAAAA" I shout
And suddenly he is right beside me
"What ? You okay ? "

" well I can't drive because i got shot in my leg , becca is injured and zoey can't drive so I want you to take us to the gang house please " I tolled him while batting my eye lashes so he won't say no .
" Fine " he said simply giving his keys to Louise and got in the car after I moved to the other side .

10 minutes later
We arrived to the gang house

Bryce and Louise behind us Zoey helped Becca inside she lost too much blood he was barley conscious

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Bryce and Louise behind us Zoey helped Becca inside she lost too much blood he was barley conscious .
The pain in my thighs increased I couldn't even move it without whining ,
Ezra felt so after switching the car off he came to me and picked me up in a bridal style
" what are you doing " I asked

" taking you inside "

" I can walk thank you "

He ignored me and pushed the door open letting us greet the wonderful smell of cinnamon
Well Laura is in a good mood today .
Ezra puts me down on the couch gently as our doctor comes in the living room to check my wound . I closed my eyes so I can rest I felt Ezras on me .

" you can stop staring you know"

" I don't want to"

" and why is that ?"

" because you're- "

He gets cut off by my phone ringing
Dad ..

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