Imagine: You Two Have A Fight (Harry Styles)

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You have gone to visit your boyfriend, Harry on his day off as a surprise. You get your mum to stop outside his house and drop you off. You pull up outside his house, and wave goodbye to your mum. You let your mum go because you know Harry will drive you home like he always does. You turn towards his house and start to walk to the door. From the corner of your eyes you notice a few slight flashes and bright lights. This didn't bother you anymore because your used to it. It did somehow confuse you though, the paparazzi didn't really pay much attention to you, why now? You took one step and you were on the front door matt. You lifted your hand about to knock on the door when you heard a slight ruffle and banging inside the house. In no second thought, you moved your hand down to the door knob, hoping it will be unlocked. To the touch, it was cold and gave you a chill, you turn it slightly. Click. It was unlocked. To your surprise you opened the door, and Harry was just standing there. Staring at you. Eyes swollen. Hair messy. Singlet. Baggy pants. No shoes. Phone in his right hand. Looking tired. You closed he door behind you as you let yourself in. You eyes still locked onto his. 

"Harry, are you okay?" You ask him with a slight hesitation. His eyes looked puffy, like he had been crying. His lips were dry. Hurt. He looked hurt. His right hand clinched harder onto his phone as you said this. You could see he was in pain. For that second of him standing there, you thought he was going to shout. Shout like a thunder bolt. For that second. He relaxed his hand. His phone drops, slipping out of his had and hitting the carpet floor, hard. You were surprised at this. You never thought Harry would do anything to damage his phone, and not like dropping it. He tilts his head, so his eyes were now on the ground. Shook his head. After that shake, he walked over to the couch and sat down. This giving you a sign to sit next to him. No second thought, you were there. Sitting next to him. You moved closer to him as you lay your hands on his lap and turn to face him. He is still frozen, not even moving, his eyes now looking at your hands on his lap.  

"Harry, please tell me whats wrong?" You ask him sharply but with soft calming voice. His eyes lift up to meet with yours. They looked more red now. As if he was about to cry. He lifted his arm and used his hand to point to something on the table in front of you. Laptop. Harry's laptop. You move your head and go a bit closer so you were just sitting slightly on the couch, reading what it said on the screen.  

"Harry Styles caught cheating with Caroline, but does Y/N know?" You read out loud. You voice croaky and soft and you try to spit it out. You scroll down with your fingers on the trackpad, scanning the photos that were taken. Harry notices you do this. He puts his hands on your waist and pulls you back into his side.  

"Babe, you know this story isn't true, that isn't even me in the pictures, I would never do that to you ever", Harry tells you with a croaky voice.  

"Harry, love, its fine, really, but you must not get upse-", Harry cuts you off. 

"It's not fine! They shouldn't write this stories about people, they are absolutely bullshit", his voice was getting much louder now. You put your hands on his and hold them tight. 

"Harry, its fine, calm down please". You knew Harry could loose temper really easier, and the best way to solve it was trying to calm him down. But this time, it wasn't working. 

"No, I will not calm down! This is insane Y/N! You don't understand you really don't!", his voice getting really loud now. You take your hands away from him. Voice low and steady. 

"I do understa-", He cuts you off. 

"No you don't! You really do not understand! Everything was getting pretty calm until you arrived at my door step. Just leave. Leave!" Those words. They hit you. Hard. You moved back, shocked at his words.