Chapter Eleven: The Unseen Past

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I entered the right wing of the school, walking through the girls' dormitory. I reached in my pocket to make sure I had the keys, then I relaxed when I felt the cold metal pressed against my fingers.

I reached my room and paused for a second, contemplating if my roommate was already there or not. I softly knocked on the door but no one answered. So I fitted my key in the lock and twisted the knob open, pushing the door slightly and peeking through the darkness. I reached over to the light switch and flipped it open.

"Sagittarius?" I called, but she wasn't there. I opened the door widely and carefully, walking inside. I closed the door behind me and saw the place the same as I left it.
Huh, so Sagittarius didn't bother coming here. Maybe she's at Gemini's room.
With that thought, I walked over to my bed and pulled out my phone. I haven't put on my earphones yet when there was a knock on the door. I let out a low growl and began to walk towards it, opening it to reveal a very worried Gemini.

"Hey, Aqua... I know we don't, uh, talk much but... I..." Gemini began to falter. She was a very social person, but she always seemed to act different around me.
"Sagittarius isn't here," I answered, knowing exactly what she wanted.
"Sh-she's not? Then, where is she!?" Gemini shrieked, but I wasn't affected so I just stared at her blankly.
"I have no idea, she disappeared after the so-called meeting," I said, and I closed the door like she wasn't there.

There was a knock on the door again, so I rolled my eyes and turned to it, opening it again. Instead of Gemini, the new girl Pisces was there.
"Uh, hi? I was looking for my dorm room, but I lost my schedule which had it there," She said, playing with her fingers. I nodded and decided to help.
"I know where it is, I can lead you there."
"Really? Oh, thank you so much!" She squealed as her feet began to bounce on the floor.
"Shush, the other students are asleep," I said calmly, and she nodded at that. I locked the room and nodded at her to follow me, so she did.

"Hey, Aqua? Don't you... Remember me?" Pisces suddenly asked on the way, making me think slightly. Pisces had a look of hope in her eyes, but I was certain I had no other memory of her from before.
"You know," She began, "You were in my classes when we were in Harvard, remember? Before you transferred to Cambridge... Remember?"

I tried my best to recall what she meant. I remember having to transfer to Harvard during my first year of Junior High. But halfway through the semester, I transferred to Cambridge. During the short time I was at Harvard, I don't recall anyone. I began to feel sorry for Pisces, because I know how she would feel. I transferred to Harvard knowing no one, that goes the same for Cambridge. But when I transferred here, I had Capricorn. Capricorn.

"Are you okay?" I heard Pisces asked, I looked to her and realized that I had spaced out.
"I'm sorry, Pisces. But maybe you could just make friends with Gemini here, she remembers people a lot," I suggested, staring straight ahead. Pisces went quiet, so I thought that must've struck me as cold.

On the way, Libra and Virgo were cleaning their room so the door was open, even though the maids could do that for them. Across the hallway, another door was open, in which a girl was blasting loud music while Libra attempted to quiet her down.

"Hey there, you must be the new girl," A voice said, so Pisces and I turned to Virgo. Virgo smiled at Pisces sweetly, but I recognised that smile. It's the forced smile that people use when they think the other person likes who they like. Virgo has given me that smile more than once.
"Yes, I'm Pisces," Pisces said quietly, smiling as well. 

Once the loud music was tuned down, Libra went to join us.
"Oh, hello Pisces. You were there at the meeting, right? Sorry about Aquila, she likes loud music a lot," Libra apologised, before she and Virgo finished up cleaning and Pisces and I continued on.

Finally, we had arrived at her room and I wanted nothing but to go to mine and listen to music with my earphones.
"Thanks for accompanying me here," Pisces smiled, and I nodded. Without another word, I turned and began walking back to my own room. I had no business here. Without the loud music from earlier, and the lights from the once opened doors, the hallway felt dark and gloomy. I risked to look behind, but it seemed as though Pisces had already entered her room and closed the door. I resumed walking to my room again before I heard an echoing voice.

"Good evening," They said, and I stopped in my tracks. Though I didn't turn around.
"You act so helpful and kind, but I know what you truly feel inside," They added, making me want to strangle them. But I didn't.
"Did you know that... That little pendant of yours is seeping away your emotions?" They added, questioning.

My hand unconsciously went to the pendant around my neck, shaped as a green jewel. I always thought it was either a jade, or opal. I barely remember how I got it, but I just know I had to keep it.

"I can help you, if you just give me the jewel," They spoke again, this time, more tempting. But I breathed and resisted.
"Boys aren't allowed in the girls' dormitory," I said, trying to get him to leave.
"I mean no harm, and you know that. Someone gave you that jewel, but they're here to take it back now," He said, as if he knew something that I didn't know.
"We have classes starting at seven-thirty tomorrow, you should go back to your room," I tried another reason for him to go.
"All those years you met people, but you forgot them once they're gone. You were kind and helpful to anyone, but deep inside, you never cared about them. But it's different with this one person."
That made whip my head to look at him over my shoulder. My mind wondered, how did he know?
"What was his name again? Oh, that's right. Ca-"

"What do you want?" I asked before he could mention the name.

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