Chapter 3 - The Knife Assosiation

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Horror woke up early the next morning, for once he was looking forward to the day ahead. No one made him feel like that. Not even his family. He dragged himself out of his bloodstained bed and threw on his clothes, seeing the normal red stains from his victims and dust splattered on his hoodie. With a groan, he took them of again, replacing them with a leather jacket and regular shorts (with a necklace of a save star made out of human bones, because why not). He set out for Dreamtale, ignoring his brothers loud queries and offers for spaghetti.

Dust POV

I waited outside Cross and Dream's place, looking around for the friend I had made yesterday. Shoot. What if he doesn't show up? What if he was just toying with me? I shook the thoughts out of my head, but they still lurked in the back of my mind. I swear, if this is a trick... My thoughts were interrupted by a figure dressed in black coming towards me. Horror.
"Hey, bro!" He waved his hand a little at me. He was dressed in a black leather jacket and black shorts, with combat boots and a cool necklace that seemed to be made of... Bones..? Shoot. He's... sort of hot. I cleared my thoughts. Not now, Dust.

Horror's POV

Dust slammed open the door to a cozy little house. Inside, there was a skeleton with black goo covering him and black tentacles, a teenage girl with a yellow and green striped sweater and lots of knives, a skeleton with a huge knife strapped to their back sat with another teenage girl who wore black and white and a golden locket and a skeleton with black markings on his face and a red target shaped soul on their chest. Dust sat down, and gestured for me to do the same next to him. I did, and he smiled.
"Guys, this is Horror. Horror, this is Nightmare," The black goo guy waved a tentacle slightly. "Chara," The girl with the knives smiled creepily. "Cross and Cross Chara," The skeleton with the knife looked up, and the teenage girl next to him made Lenny faces at me and Dust. Dust growled slightly. "And Killer," The guy with the black markings threw a knife at me. I caught it, and looked at him questioningly.
"Welcome gift," He murmured and smiled. "Nice reflexes,"
"Anyway," Chara gripped her knife. "I got 345 kills this week. How bout you guys?"
Dust rolled his eyes. "Chara, kills by Frisk don't count,"
Chara huffed and pouted. "Fine. I got 123 kills. Happy?"
Cross laughed. "Boi, we got 246. That's double yours."
"I destroyed 567 monsters's feelings." Nightmare added.
"I killed 642 with a blunt axe," I offered. Everyone laughed and smiled.
"Then you definitely belong here, my friend." Nightmare patted my back. "You won this week. Good job."
I smiled. "Thanks. Nice to know somewhere appreciates a good murder,"

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