Chapter 2

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Beep. Beep. Beep.

I opened my eyes and the lights were so bright.

But where am I?

A hospital.

The sound of the machine was all the be heard or seen until the door opened and an older man walked in. I coward away from him. But he held his hand and up and spoke to me.

"I'm Dr.Phil Roberts. Do you remember what happened to you? I brought you here and saved your life," he said looking dead at me.

"Yes I remember. Where's my sister? Marie," I tried so hard to avoid eye contact with him but he just kept moving forward towards me. I was getting nervous. I moved back on the bed only to wince. Damn my back hurts.

"I sent her downstairs to the cafeteria. She's hasn't left your side since you've been here," he said finally stopping inches from the bed I laid in with some charts.

"How long have I been here?" I was stiff. Like I had been laying in this same bed for days.

"Only a couple of days. That's normal for how much blood you lost. Your body needed to heal itself and does it better when your sleeping. But back on topic. How are you feeling?" He continued to look over my charts.

"Sore." I wouldn't tell him how much. I was always taught to keep my mouth shut and never complain. Stay strong Sang. Stay Strong.

"Understandable. Considering your injuries and what you went through. But Sang I need to speak to you about your father. Are you up for it?", he starred pleadingly at me waiting for my response.

"How do you know my name?", I was panicking. Most people didn't know about me. My mother and father had kept me a secret. No birth certificate. False school records. It's like I never existed.

"Your sister. Remember.", he gave me a small smile and proceeded to check me over.

"Oh yeah."

"Would you mind if I checked your bandages and blood pressure while I'm here? Your injuries that were open were not your only ones I noticed. You've been beaten and abused for weeks. How is it that your sister walked away untouched?", he raised an eyebrow as if challenging me to lie to him.
I had to think. Do I tell him everything or do
I just keep it to myself. Do I let him know that my stepmother beat me and locked me in closets before all this happened. Or that nasty lemon juice and vinegar she would make me drink. Or do I just let him think it all happened since I was taken? He already knows I've been beaten and whipped. Hell maybe even starved. But I can't tell him everything. I don't trust him. Yet.

"Yes please check my bandages. But I'd rather not talk about what happened. All you need to know is I protected my sister from my father and his goons. But what I want to know is what's going to happen to us now?", I was panicking now. We had no money. No family. No home. All I had was Marie. We would live on the streets most likely. My father would come for us again. We would have to hide.

I can't breath.

I can't breathe.

Out. Sang.
Dammit. I'm so weak.

I was lost in my own turmoil that I forgot the Doctor was still standing there. He must have realized I wasn't ok. He walked up to me and just grabbed my hand. It wasn't uncomfortable like I thought it would be. He gave me a sad smile that calmed me down some.

"Sang I really wish you would trust me. I just want to help you. Please don't worry I'm going to take care of you and your sister. But I need to explain some things to you first. Take deep breaths and please calm down. What I'm about to tell you might upset you more. But please stay calm.", he just looked at me with pleading eyes. For some reason I felt I could trust him. I was finally breathing normally. I laid back as easily as I could to get comfortable so he could continue with what he had started to say.

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