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A/N: Just last week, on Monday, I had 1.6 million reads. A week and a half later, I ended up here. Two million reads.

Like I said at one million, before I hit about 200 thousand I just was craving for reads. I didn't exactly care about my story, which is why the first twenty chapters are crap. But now, I write updates keeping you guys in mind. I knew you wanted a 'sex scene' and were craving it immediately. So I was determined to put it in that chapter, which is why it was so long.

I write for you. And just to add this in there, there is a reason why I used the word 'pure' so many times. I don't know if you guys have learned the figurative language called anaphora... but it means the author put a word or phrase into a sentence, and said it repeatedly, for a certain reason. So I used it and said it for a certain reason.

Soooo, you guys know that I like Magcon, that's about it....I did a facts about me a while ago, but I never really explained a lot about myself. So here are some facts about me (:

Facts about me:

1) I hate it when people say 'funner.' IT IS NOT A WORD. IT IS SLANG.

2) I live in Portland, Oregon, USA.

3) I actually play five instruments now...(flute, piano, guitar, xylophone, and clarinet)


5) Yes, I reply to all your messages and see ALL your comments.

6) I ranked second in my class this year, and I am taking a college writing class and a college math class next year. And sure I'll help you on your homework...

7) My friend got a wattpad, and she writes like me, just not fanfics. (@Nicooollleee)

8) I have an, so you can ask me stupid questions and stuff (@shxnsbae)

9) FAQ: Why did you make Matt and Shawn the bad guy? Do you hate them?

A: No, I love all the Magcon boys. Shawn is my fave believe it or not. The point of a fanfic is to make a story of the characters, I just decided to change their personality too. But seriously I love them all.

10) FAQ: You know 26mgmt isn't another tour right?

A: Yes. I. Know. I posted that chapter or note when it was first released in Twitter. Basically all the boys were tweeting how they were leaving Magcon and going to another tour. So I then wrote the note asking if you guys were okay. Then Nash cleared it up and blah blah blah...

11) FAQ (after every freaking chapter): Are you done writing? Is this the last chapter?

A: N. O. Guys you'll know when its the end. I have at least twenty more parts for you. Trust me.

12) FAQ: Are you making any new stories?

A: Yes, of course. I have a Shawn one coming out pretty soon.

13) FAQ: How old are you?

A: 14 years of age. (My birthday is June 4th)

I'm honestly not trying to be picky but please don't comment 'Update.' Guys, I just did. I'm not going to type a whole chapter in a night. I'm not that dedicated to it, yeah I have school and homework and things I have to do. "YOU HAVE A LIFE?" Yes believe it or not...

And DO NOT promote your story on mine. (Pun to Nash's vine intended) I understand you want reads and stuff, but no one reads comments lol

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