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( chapter four: the one at fault )


"max come on! billy's gonna kill us for sure." macy jogged in the direction of where their brother's car had been parked, him leaning against the trunk.

max skated down hill faster to catch up, and when she was there macy was already in.

"you're late again." billy stated as soon as she was about to open the car door.

max squinted with the sun in her eyes, "yeah. i had to get catch-up homework with macy."

"jesus. i don't care," billy stated, "you're late again, and you're skating home. do you hear me?"

max didn't answer, she only opened the car door and sat inside. macy gave her a sympathetic look at how their brother treated her, but max only stared out the window.

as soon as the car reached the road, billy stepped on the pedal to speed faster. the speed of the car caused every leaf that had fallen from the trees up above to fly away, the music from the radio blasting in both of the redheads' ears.

billy's car was a nice, smooth ride. even when sped up, which is what billy loved about it. especially the dark and vibrant navy blue that was painted onto it.

"god, this place is such a shithole." billy confirmed, his hands gripping tightly onto the steering wheel.

max spoke up, "it's not that bad."

max was sat in the back of the car, both macy and billy in the front seats.

"no?" billy gave her a look from the rearview mirror and opened up the window that she was seated next to, "mm! you smell that, max? that's actually shit!"

billy held his nose closed, max rolling her eyes at the back of his head while he did so. macy tried breaking the tension, "the people aren't so bad, i guess."

"cow shit." billy gave macy a look, but macy ignored it.

"i don't see any cows!" max replied, her voice getting higher with the patience he tested with her. she rolled the window back up since the button was in between him and macy.

"clearly, you haven't met the high school girls." billy remarked, and macy gasped at his words. billy scoffed, "so what? you guys like it here now?"

macy stayed quiet. max gritted her teeth, "no."

"then why are you defending it?" billy questioned.

max scooted to the edge of her seat and looked at billy, "i'm not."

"sure sounds like it. what about you macy? do you like it here in this shithole?" billy eyed macy, and she immediately shook her head with an answer of 'no'.

when macy thought they were done arguing, max decided to open her mouth and speak again. macy mentally groaned.

"it's just we're stuck here, so.." max widened her eyes in defeat.

"you're right. we're stuck here." billy clenched his jaw, looking straight ahead. "and whose fault is that?"

macy saw billy sending max a glare through the rearview mirror, since max was seated at the back. macy scratched the back of her head, knowing the reason why they ended up in hawkins in the first place.

"yours." macy heard max whisper, and macy was so close to ripping her hair off because of how much max had an attitude.

"oh my god," macy looked back at max subtly, and billy groaned.

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