Tsushima Yoshiko x Kitsune! Enemy! Female! Reader

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Also, the clothes you will be wearing are the same ones from Nozomi when she worked at the temple.

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Hate me Like I Hate You

Your POV

I wonder since when I was alone, and since when I didn't like that fact.

Long time ago, even before the History was written, there was a little village in the center of a large forest. The ones that lived there were like me, Kitsune, the guardians of the forest.

I lived there, along with all my family, we were really happy until one day.

Humans didn't know it but with their faith, they were capable of creating fantastic creatures such as ourselves, and because they didn't know it, we were attacked. The creatures that attacked us, Fallen Angels, killed and massacred the entire village, why? Because now they were the bosses of those lands.

I was the only one that survived, thanks to my family that let me escape first and when they were about to, they were all killed, right in front of my eyes.

All the next years, up until some months ago, I was alone, always in my kitsune form, a fox with (Y/HC) fur and (Y/EC) orbs with nine tails. Flying through the trees protecting the forest from any invaders.

How did I stop being alone? Some months ago, I could feel a presence. Nine girls were very close to the altar I built for my lost village in the top of a little mountain. All of the humans in the town thought about Buda when seeing that altar but when they prayed to it, in reality it was direct to me. Of course, I had to attend their wishes, other way I would be dead by now. You see, all creatures created by faith need to be wanted by the ones who created it, in my case, I was created by humans and if humans forget me, I will disappear.

Talking about the girls, when I felt their presence I started to fly faster to the altar. Although I could still listen their wishes.

"Please help us to save the school" The majority of them wished at the same time.

"Please let us win Love Live" Two or maybe three of them pleaded, but then another one started.

"I, Yohane, the Fallen Angel force you to be my loyal servant and to assist me in obtaining whatever I wish for" She dares to call herself a Fallen Angel, huh? Even if it's true that they still exist, she wasn't one, so why did I feel...

...like I want to kill her?

After that, I arrived near the altar, and when I did I transformed into my human form. I had the appearance of a girl of fifteen years old, with (Y/HL) (Y/HC) and (Y/EC) eyes. I got to hide my ears and my tails and I wear traditional temple clothes.

I hid behind a tree. One of the girls was grounding the one I suppose it's Yohane, for being disrespectful, this girl had light brown locks and amber eyes, always finishing her sentences in "zura". Yohane was a little afraid of this girl as she was backing up as the girl that was grounding her was walking towards her.

As I saw this, I got out from my hiding place and call the attention of the girls by talking.

"It was indeed, disrespectful" I said as I started to walk towards them, especially towards Yohane.

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