Preferences: What Turns Him On ;)

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A little treat for my babies wrote at 2am😉😘


Max Verstappen
Purposely sitting on his lap because you never stay quite, if you know what I mean... ;)

Lewis Hamilton
Lip biting during convo/Watching you getting dressed and of course, when you whisper something on his ear and bite his earlobe ;))

Sebastian Vettel
He loves when you wear red but specially when you're walking around the house only wearing a bra and underwear all covered in one of his Ferrari red jackets ;)

Daniel Ricciardo
Loves your dirty mouth, specially when you try to be polite. Doesn't matter what you two are doing, you can gain his attention with one short phrase like "I bet that no matter how hard you try, you can't guess what color bra I'm wearing, or even if I'm wearing a bra."

Antonio Giovinazzi
He loves your adorably cute appearance but the extremely sexy wild confident girl hide behind those rosy cheeks and shy smile turns him on like nothing else. ;)

Nico Hulkenberg
Getting teased by you. If you touch his thighs or lean in so your lips are almost touching, you know what happens next. ;)

Carlos Sainz
Fitness is sexy and he loves watching you working out or just doing some yoga moves like the Downward dog pushup;)

Kimi Raikkonen
Your scent has the same power as your looks. He goes loco with your perfume.

Artem Markelov
Eye contact with him. He absolutely love your sexy eyes. It's something so simple but so strong.


So my exams are about to start that's why I'm gonna be a bit away studying like a slave but who cares 😄
Hope you guys have an amazing rest of the week. Love you all😚😘❤

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