five; stupid, ignorant, little tommy

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     " — She's a great girl, not like most

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" — She's a great girl, not like most. You know, I think I may have actually learned a little bit of chemistry last night." This conversation had been going on for a while. It consisted of Steve, dreamily talking about Nancy whilst Mary rolled her eyes so hard she thought they would migrate to the back of her skull.

Sure, Mary was happy Steve was happy, but did his source of happiness really need to be god damn Nancy Wheeler?

"And I —"

"Okay, Steve. We get it, Nancy's a real keeper." Mary finally interrupted, holding her hands up and silencing the boy whilst Tommy and Carol chuckled in amusement whilst Steve's lips parted.

Steve's hands found his hips clad in denim jeans as he rose his eyebrows, "What's your deal, Mare? If I remember correctly, after your first date with Charlie, you wouldn't shut up about how totally tubular he was." Steve mocked, putting on a mocking voice and Mary narrowed her eyes whilst Charlie chuckled.

"Oh babe, you wouldn't shut up about me?" He teased, nudging her side and Mary rolled her eyes, beginning to get fed up by her friends and their teasing, but just then the attention was swooped away from her either way, the moment Steve noticed Nancy from down the hall.

Steve grinned widely, "I'm going in." He announced, rubbing his hands together and Mary stopped walking along with Charlie whom stayed by her side — he didn't head off with Steve and the others towards Nancy and Barbara Holland, mostly because Charlie only hung out with Carol and Tommy for the sake of Mary. He didn't consider either of them as friends. Or actual intellectuals.

Mary rested her back against a random locker, holding her books tight to her chest as she watched Steve swipe a batch of cards from Nancy's hands and begin talking to her, "Alright," Charlie started, resting his forearm against the spot of the locker above Mary's head and she looked up at him, "What's got my Mare Bear down, huh?"

His nickname earned a spiteful glare. She had known telling Charlie that her mother used to call her Mare Bear when she was younger would bite her in the ass. And oh, it did. Charlie loved using it on her, because he loved the little face she usually pulled each time he said it; scrunching up her face and crinkling her nose in the most adorable way.

"Charlie, didn't I warn you the last time you called me that, that if you did it again I'd be shoving a full pack of cigs down your throat and make you eat them?" She asked, smiling sweetly up at her boyfriend whom offered his signature lazy grin, his eyes half open and lips twitching up slightly.

"I love it when you talk dirty to me, baby," He teased and she looked away, rolling her eyes although there were a smile on his face, "But seriously, Mare. What's the matter?" Charlie asked in concern, turning more serious as he reached out, cupping the side of her face in his large hand and she looked up at him with a sigh.

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