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"This that red rum shit fuck how you come shit betta Keep yo gun bitch..." i rapped on stage with Gang nem.

"Still with my same click and no you can't hang bitch" all us screamed.

After, the next song that came On was "you the one" say, imma make my baby feel special right now.

You the one that I want in my life, yeah
You the one that I want every night, yeah
You the one that I want on my side, yeah
Promise for you I'll ride
I need you to be there for me, yeah
I'm so deep up in these streets, yeah
I stay clutching on my heat, yeah
I know these niggas wan' kill me

Studio bus when I'm touring
Floatin', don't know where I'm goin'
I don't even know what I'm doin'
But I know I'm getting to it
Heard they moving in and they owe 'em
When they come just set off the alarm
On my soul I ain't goin'
AK strapped to my arm
Told my girl that I need you baby
Thinking 'bout you lately, I been goin' crazy
When you leave out of school
Come and pull up on me, I just want to taste it
You know your boyfriend crazy
Goin' hard, turning up on the daily
You touch me down to my heart
When you told me you was happy that I made it
I been caught up sack chasing
Gotta take care of my babies
Random people steady hating
I don't ever let it faze me
Heart steady keep on racin'
Abusing drugs that I'm takin'
I'm okay when I'm under you baby
I just wanna lay under you baby

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