Near Death Experience

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Beatrice's POV:
I had finished the comic and was actually freaked out by it. My dad came home at noon. I walked downstairs and said "so I'm guessing you found a job?" He nodded and said "yeah. I'm assuming you're friends with the boys next door?" "Yeah. Sam and Michael." I replied. "Well, I'd like to meet them one day." Dad said. "Ok. I'm not sure what we're doing today but they're really nice." I said to my dad, reassuring him that I wasn't hanging out with thugs. "I'm off to bed. I have to work later." He said as he went to his bedroom. I sighed and decided to go to Sam's house. I knocked on the door and Lucy answered it. "Hi Beatrice, what can I do for you?" She asked. "Hi. Is Sam here?" I said, hoping he was here. Lucy nodded and said "he's just upstairs." I walked into their home and headed upstairs. The hallway was pretty dark and as I turned the corner I almost ran into Michael. "Sorry." I said as I looked up at him. He chuckled and looked down. "It's ok." He said. Michael shook out his hair and he looked like he had just rolled out of bed. "Where's Sam's room?" I asked. Michael pointed down the hall and I nodded. I walked down the hall and knocked on the door. Even though it was halfway open. Sam looked up and said "Beatrice, come on in." I walked into his bedroom that had posters covering it. "Rob Lowe? I like him too." I said. Sam nodded and said "yep." I walked over and began to pet Nanook. "Hi." I cooed as I pet him. Sam laughed at me while reading Vampires Everywhere.

"Why are you reading that?" I asked him

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"Why are you reading that?" I asked him. "I'm studying." Sam replied. I shook my head and said "geez." "I'm going to see Alan and Edgar later, wanna come?" Sam asked. I nodded and he said "ok sweet." "I have some stuff to do so I'll meet you guys there. My dad will drop me off." I said as I walked out of his room. Sam nodded and said "alright. I'll see ya later." I walked out of their house and headed back to mine. I did my chores and showered. By the time I was finished my dad was going into work. He dropped me off at the boardwalk and I began to make my way to the comic book shop. Someone grabbed me and pulled me into an alley. I was very close to the comic book shop. "What the hell?" I asked. It was an older guy. He lunged at me and I kneed him in the stomach. He groaned and tried to get to my neck. "Shit!" I said as I dodged him. He turned and looked at me. He chuckled and managed to pin me against the wall. I screamed and tried to get out of his arms. He quickly covered my mouth and I couldn't do anything. He moved down to my neck and I heard Edgar's voice. "Let her go." Relief washed over my body and the guy said "no." I saw Alan in my peripheral vision and Edgar said "I'm not going to tell you again." There was a stabbing sound and the guy began screaming. I heard Sam's high pitched screams and Edgar said "holy shit!" The guy still had ahold of me and Alan pulled me away from him. Alan and I landed on the ground and the guy still tried to grab me. I backed away and Alan shoved me behind him. The guy reached for Alan and Alan kicked him in the face. The guy rolled over and grabbed Edgar's ankle, causing him to fall. Edgar did the same as Alan and began to kick him. Blood was everywhere and the guy finally stopped screaming. Sam looked over at Edgar and said "are you ok?" Edgar nodded and I stared at the dead body. "What was that?!" I screamed. "That....was a vampire." Edgar said calmly. I panted and said "they're real?!" "We've been trying to tell you!" Alan replied. "Guys! We gotta go! If someone sees us standing over this dead body we're done for!" Sam said as he took off running. Edgar stood up and did the same. Alan stood up slowly and said "give me your hand." He helped me up and pulled me out of the alley and to the comic book shop. Once we got inside Alan said "sit up there." I sat on the counter and the Frog brothers stood in front of me. "What?" I asked. Alan grabbed my arm and looked at it. Edgar lifted my hair and looked at my neck. "What's going on?" I said. "Have to see if you got bit. We'll have to kill you." Edgar said. Alan looked at him and said "calm down. She didn't get bit." Sam walked over and said "sorry about that. I saw you get dragged in there and I told them. We tried to get here quicker but they had to get their things." "Things?" I asked. Edgar nodded and said "stakes. So we could stab him." I nodded and they both walked away. Blood stained my hands and Alan said "you ok?" I nodded and said "thanks." "For?" He said. "For saving me. You didn't have too." I replied. Alan noticed my hands and said "come with me. You need to wash that blood off your hands." We walked around the shop where a hose was. Alan turned it on and I began to wash the blood off my hands. I dried off and there were footsteps. Alan grabbed me and pulled me to him. "Hey." I said. He looked around and said "come on. We gotta get inside." His grip on my arm got tighter as he pulled me inside the shop. Alan closed the doors behind us, not letting go of my arm. The doors slammed and Edgar and Sam looked up. "What happened?" Edgar asked. Alan shook his head and said "someone was walking around out there." Edgar nodded and went back to whatever he was doing. Sam stared at Alan's hand on my arm and Alan noticed. "What?" Alan asked. Sam shook his head and said "nothing!"

Sam turned around and Alan let go of my arm

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Sam turned around and Alan let go of my arm. I walked over to the counter and sat down. Sam moved in my direction and I said "what's up?" "Why was his hand on your arm?" He asked in a hush voice. I shrugged and said "why?" Sam didn't say anything and I said "so there's vampires in Santa Carla?" "Yeah. We wanted to read to comic and be informed." Edgar replied. "And maybe help us take them down." Alan added. Edgar hit his arm and Sam said "we could use a girl! To lure the vamps in." Alan nodded in agreement and Edgar rolled his eyes, not fighting his brother and Sam. Sam cheered and said "you're in!" "In what?" I asked. Edgar sighed deeply and said "our group." "So you guys kill vampires?" I said. Edgar huffed and was getting annoyed. "Yeah we do. But now you're with us. So it'll be easier." Alan said to me. I nodded and he half smiled while walking away. I looked at Sam who shrugged at me. I chuckled softly and shook my head.

Here's the update! I'm going to be updating more! I've had some recent inspiration!!

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