(Chapter 1- First Day Back)

"Did you hear about Chase?" Crystal asked me.

"Chase? My Chase?" I questioned.

"Yeah, Amy said that he looks different. Like his look and personality has changed." She stated.

"Changed? How?" I asked.

It's true I hadn't seen him the whole summer but how much could he have changed? I haven't really changed any and neither have my friends. The last time I talked to him he didn't seem that different. His voice and persona was still the same but that was like a week after school let out for summer.

I guess it is weird that I haven’t heard from him for quite some time. Maybe he’s hiding something from me. Not that he does that but it seems kind of strange.

"Hello earth the Ashlyn?" Crystal said waving her hand in front of my face. I quickly pulled out of my thoughts and looked at her.

"Sorry, what were you saying?"

"I said that Amy told me he was all dark and mysterious now, Oh and did I mention hot." She sang out the last part.

"Not that he wasn't before.” She quickly corrected herself. “But I had a chance to glance at him this morning and he defiantly improved if that's even possible. What do you think?"

"I don't know, I haven't seen him yet but you know good and well I don't see him like that, we're just friends remember?" I reminded her.

I mean yes, Chase was hot with his tall frame and dark hair and million dollar smile, but we have been friends since 4th grade. All I ever saw him as was my friend Chase not the hot guy that every other girl drools all over. Chase and I almost certainly never thought of each other that way. Well I didn’t anyway but I’m pretty sure he didn’t either.

"I know but when you see him you may change your mind." She sang out.

I just rolled my eyes at her. "Doubt it; that would change our whole relationship."

"Oh really, well where was that friendship when he was gone all summer and never ever called, maybe he only called you once?" She challenged.

It was true. He did only call me once but he did send me a post card from Italy, telling me he missed me and he was always busy and didn't have time to call. I guess I can't be too mad at him though. If I was in Italy the last thing on my mind would be to call, but still I would have called a little more often than him.

"He was busy, so what? Who wouldn't be? It was Italy." I defended.

"Ok whatever you say." She smiled. I could tell she didn't believe it.

Chase and I had a pretty close friendship. We were best friends so we told each other everything and we always had each other’s backs. We were close but not too close. Not like those friendships that you couldn’t see the line between friendship and dating. I didn’t even change in front of him. The most he had ever seen me in was a bikini when we went to the beach and I of course had seen him shirtless a bunch of times but that was it.

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