YOUNGJAE ONESHOT ~ forced confession

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Backstory: youngJae really likes you and he get really shy and his heart flusters when you're around. He talked about you with got7 and they got sick of him talking about how much he like you so they took matters in to there own hand.....

Y/n point of view:
Today I'm going to hang out with got7 I haven't hanged out with them in weeks . You here a knock on your door. I run down to the door. " GOT7 I HAVE MISSED YOU,"  "Y/n, we have missed you to" Bambam said. I hug each one of them and youngjae was last and everyone turned around and gave youngjae a smirk. I just brushed not thinking much about it

Youngjae point of view:
The guys were so weird today before we went to y/n house they just keeped acting really suspicious."
So youngjae you excited to see y/n," Jackson said lifting his eyebrow a little . "Ya I mean she is like my bestfriend."  "More like girlfriend," Jinyoung says.  I start to blush and hit him," Youngjae just tell her aready,"said yugyeom "guys want if she doesn't like me then that awkward,"I say with a worried look " Jae it better to tell her now then just keep it in," "I will just wait ok," "YoungJae,"everyone says together, " She just means to much to me,"
~end of flashback~

*1 hour in to hanging out*

Y/n point of view:
I saw jackson go in to my room he probably just needs to use the restroom *CRASH* I heard something come from my room. I run to go see what happened. I get to my room and see Jackson standing there," Jackson what did you drop," "Nothing," "Jackson you did I heard it," Jackson starts moving towards me he then runs out then mark throws youngjae in my room and then closes the door. "Youngjae we are not letting you out until you tell her," I heard mark say threw the door. Youngjae goes to the door and trys to open it,"mark, Jackson come on let us out," I say trying to get out, " No y/n youngjae needs to tell you something,"yugyeom says. "Youngjae what do you need to tell me just tell so we can get out of here please," He just look down and didnt say anything.

Idk point of view:
He walked over to your bed and sat down you looked at him so confused," Youngjae hello can you please tell me," You sat next to him worried," Did I do something," He look up at you," Ok y/n I really wanted to tell you this a different way but I guess I have to now,"he said looking in to your eyes," Youngjae you can tell me anything you know that," You touched his shoulder lightly. "Ok y/n um----- ok when I'm around you I get so flustered and I get happy and when you smile it makes me smile and I think I like you more then a friend you make me so happy when you call me, just hearing your name makes me happy you make me so shy when I talk to you and I have always wanted to tell you this but I'm falling for you more and more everyday," You don't know what to say you like him to you have liked him but you didn't expect this," Um," Is all that came out of your mouth youngjae looks at you with a sad expression," It's ok if you don't fell the same way we can always just be friends,"he says and looks down,"no no no I mean yes I want to be friends but I like you more then a friend to," His face lights up and he hugs you then the rest of got7 rushes in,"finally," Bambam says, "y/n you don't know how much he talked about you," JB said. Youngjae sat there with a blush on his cheeks and he had his arm around you as the guys talked about how much youngjae talked about you

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