Chapter Fifty-Two» She's Called Karma

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He was my greatest

I had once heard the tale of two lovers. Forced to part ways for the tunes of fate had already departed their strings. Torn them aside.

They say someone can be so close to you, yet at the same time be a millenia away from you and in a way. I sometimes felt like that.

I was so wrapped up in cotton wool that I couldn't recognise the world I was living in. The darkness and fear that crawled across each corner yet at the same time.

The love and happiness that each one secluded, stashed it away in a dark chest and sealed it away, for why show a sign of happiness and love as it can only lead to destruction.

Much like the stars that need the darkness of the night and the moon needing the sun to ease it distress. I was torn between the light of the stars and the darkness of night; for if one wasn't present the other wouldn't function properly.


He was the light to my darkness. A man who had shown me the other side to life. To Love. In a span of one day he had shown me a whole new world where without him, I felt incomplete. It's like I needed him, for every approval, for every smile.

He was the shinning star to my dark night, and then there was,


He was a storm. An unnatural force that had turnedmy life in to a whirlwind frenzy. From the moment he had walked inside that large hall, on the wedding day. To the day I fell down the cliff seeing him collapse to his knees.

He had torn my life upside down. Made me witness a world only depicted in nightmares. Only shown to those of the bravest of all.

His dark charcoal eyes remained the centre of a galaxy. Surrounded by darkness yet twinkled with the occasional happiness. One glance at the man attracted all to him. From the way he walked with power and dominance, his shoulders straight and his head held high. To the way he glanced at everyone with his brooding dark eyes.

He was never dressed in casual attire. Always sporting the best of clothes, as if every moment was an opportunity. An opportunity to grab. He didn't speak much, always chose to remain silent yet his eyes. They always observed.

They remained a mirror to his soul which he hid away. Kept in a dark room, sealed away from mankind. Sometimes, it was hard to believe the man felt any emotions. Had a beating heart or a soul in him yet as I now glanced at his dark eyes.

I felt my heart dropping. The world around me stilling at the sight of him. Cold shivers scraped past my skin seeing his charcoal eyes stare at me. A mixture of pain and heartbreak swirling in those dark brown eyes. Making my breathing hitch, unable to believe he was showing such emotions.

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