Lief and jasmine- a short deltora quest fanfiction

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"There is no escape jasmine" faith laughed evilly an echoing sound of horror, jasmine heard her own scream she felt tears running down her cheeks

She woke up a tangle of tears, sweat and sheets. She quickly lit the candle on her bedside table and took a deep breath trying to stop crying

"It's just a bad dream, it's just a bad dream, it's just a bad dream" she told herself repeatedly, suddenly the door opened and lief ran in "jasmine are you okay I thought I heard something..." He said trying to whisper

"Y-yeah I'm fine"

"No you're not" he said sitting in the side of her bed, he picked up her hand and held it. "Jasmine this has happened since we got back from the shadow lands what's wrong?!"

Jasmine took a deep breath "I-I keep having bad dreams... About faith"

Lief gave her a sympathetic look and squeezed her hand, he moved closer to her and pushed her hair off her face. "Don't worry jasmine they'll go away eventually you were just a little scared and off guard, they exploited your weaknesses and mine as well.

Jasmine gave him a look "and what do you suppose those weaknesses were?"

"Well you can be lonely and... Erm... Impatient... But there are so many more fantastic things about you!" Lief added quickly

"And what's your weakness?"

"M-my love for you..." He said quietly, red faced

Jasmine smiled "that made me feel better" she said resting her head on head on Lief's shoulder

Lief blushed and smiled "try and get some more sleep okay?"

"Okay..." She laid back down and pulled the sheets back up "night"

"Good love" lief said the last part just above a whisper so jasmine didn't hear.

For the first time in 3 days jasmine had finally had a good sleep without nightmares

Jasmine blinked in the harsh light of the sun coming through her window, after having only 4 hours of sleep she wasn't exactly jumping for joy at the idea of getting up

Regardless she got up and attempted to drag a brush through her tangle of raven hair eventually she gave up and just left it

She tiptoed down the stairs, her bare feet not making a sound, finally she made it to the doors to the palace garden. She ran out felt the wind through her hair, the grass under her feet "it feels good to be outside again" she said to herself

"Feeling better I see?" Said a voice from behind her

Jasmine jumped and spun around, she was fought off guard because of the lack of sleep. She sighed in relief, it was only lief.

"Hello to you too mr. King of scaring people in the morning" she said sarcastically giving him a look

"It's nice to see that even though you're tired you still manage that wonderful attitude"

Jasmine crossed her arms and rolled her eyes, "and what brings the almighty king of deltora to the palace gardens? Don't you have things to do, brides to find, crowns to wear?"

Lief smiled "it's almost like you don't want me to be here"
OKAY! So I hope you liked the first chapter of my very first fanfiction and please comment anything I should add :)

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