Lights, Cameras, Kidnapped!

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"Got any ideas?" Lex finally asked. "Because I think whatever we're in store for is worse than a science test."

"So like a math test?"

"We're doomed."

"I disagree." I smirked. I managed to grab the rope tying us both to the pole.

I felt the familiar coldness travel through my fingers and to the rope. Within less than a minute, the rope where my hand was frozen to the point where I could hit it and it would shatter.

Which I did, causing the rope to fall away. I easily pulled my feet out of the lower rope. I immediately checked my sheaths at my side, but neither were there. I pretended to not be disappointed.

"See? Easy."

I almost turned to Lex, but then I realized something. I reached my hand to my face, and sure enough, my mask wasn't there. I cursed.

"Language." Lex scolded. I heard him shaking off his bonds before coming to the same realization I had. "I'm assuming you don't have your mask either?"

"No." I sighed. "But I'm also assuming that we can't get out of here without looking at each other."

"Turn around on three?" He suggested.

"Yeah." I agreed reluctantly.

"One. Two." He counted. "Three."

We both spun around, and that was the moment I decided to just altogether quit and stay trapped in this room.

I didn't know him as Lex. I knew him as Kace, the popular but not popular junior who shared half of my classes and played on the basketball team.

And only my biggest and longest held crush, nothing big.

Yes, I'm gay. But in my defense, Kace was pretty damn attractive. Besides the aforementioned basketball skills, he had beautiful green eyes like emeralds, soft tan skin, unruly brownish blonde hair that shined like jewels when the light shined onto it...

Sorry, I got a bit distracted there. Needless to say, he wasn't dressed in regular clothing. He had on a dark red jacket with a hood, and dark blue jeans. Not as specialized as my outfit, but it would suffice.

"Hey, don't we go to the same school?" He realized. "You're London, right?"

"Uh... yeah, and you're Kace." I laughed nervously, not knowing what else to say.

"Jeez, I can't even-" Kace shook his head, looking shocked. "I'm in the same school, the same grade, even the same classes as the Icarus."

"Well, it's a small world." I joked. "There's a bunch of teen vigilantes out there who aren't dead or lame, chances were there was one or two in our school."

"Yeah, but ones that are good enough to be active and famous and alive." He laughed. "I never thought..."

I turned around, deciding to look for a way out. As soon as I did, I heard Kace breath in sharply.

"Your wings." He breathed. "They're... amazing."

I spread out my wings, feeling a touch of pride. They are the reason for my name, after all. They were longer than my arm span, and made of hundreds of individual metal feathers, some silver, and some black.

I had no idea how the mechanisms inside it worked. All I knew was that attaching it was painful as all hell to get on, and I had every right to be prideful of them.

"Can I-?" He asked, gesturing to them. I assumed he wanted to touch them. I turned my face away from him to hide my blushing.

"Um, y-yeah." I nodded, crossing my arms. I heard him take a step forward and slide his fingers across the metal feathers.

"They're metal?" Kace questioned. I nodded, afraid of speaking. "So you weren't born with them?"

I shook my head.

"What abilities were you born with?"

Abilities were a rare, usually genetic occurrence. I had only met one other person with them, and that hadn't turned out to well for me.

"Cryokinesis and a slight regeneration ability. I developed heightened senses later on." I spoke, concentrating on my words instead of the beautiful man standing inches away.

"Amazing." He murmured to himself. Realizing he spoke aloud, he tried to hurriedly move on. "I have powers over electricity, regeneration, too, and..."

He trailed off.

"And what?"

"Well..." He began, thinking. "It doesn't work that well or often, but I can have powers of empathy. You know, sensing feelings."

"So can you... um..." I scratched the back of my head. "Tell what I'm feeling?"

"Let me rephrase that," He sighed. "It doesn't work that well or work that often."

"So that's a no?"

"It's a no." He groaned. "Now, how about we try to get out of here."

"That's what I was trying to do before I was so rudely interrupted."

He laughed, but didn't say anything else. I looked around the room. The only light was in the middle of the room, and even that was dim. The outer walls were covered in shadows, so even with my heightened vision, I had to walk closer towards them to see the door.

Which, of course, was there. A small window was in the door, but I guess the girl probably thought it was too dark outside for people to see out of.

Well, obviously, the door obviously hadn't met me yet. Because it's an inanimate object.

I peered through the glass, but all that was there was a dark hallway. Man, these people really need to work on their interior lighting.

I tried the handle, but it was locked, of course. I closed my eyes in an attempt to concentrate on my other senses.

There was the same buzz of electricity, too loud to be just the light. Could it be Kace? He said he could manipulate electricity, maybe it could be something about him.

Well that didn't make sense, because I would've heard it when I passed him in the hallways. The only thing I could remember being off about him was the smell of his cologne, which I could recall perfectly.

Speaking of which, he wasn't wearing his cologne, which was a shame. It smelled amazing.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, buzz of electricity. Where would that be coming from? I opened my eyes, coming to a realization. Cameras, there could be cameras.

Sure enough, when I walked to the corner of the room where the buzzing was strongest, there was a small security camera hidden in shadows.

I smashed the camera with my fist, and the buzzing immediately died away. Kace looked over, surprised.

"How'd you know-?" He started, then shook his head. "Never mind. She probably knows we're trying to get out, if she bothers to check the footage."

"So we better get the hell out of here?"

"Language, but yes."

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