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Y/n's POV

I woke up and realized it wasn't a dream, I'm still here.

I tried to sit up but couldn't, this sucks.

I then hear a growl from far away,


But I can't see him, where is he?

"Penny." I call out, it is Penny, the noises are starting to creep me out.

"Kitten?" I hear Penny,

oh thank god, I let out a big breathe.

Why was I so glad to see him.

"Penny where are you?" I ask, looking around but I see him no where.

Ok this is very frustrating, there's like no space for me to move.

"I'm here Kitten." He says.

"Here where-." And then I see him coming towards me from a wide opening.

"Im here." He says as he gets closer to me, ok he's not mad so I'm gonna try to play along and be nice so he won't get in a bad mood.

Ok let's see how this turns out.

"Penny can you get me out." I say in the nicest voice as I sit on my knees and hold onto the bars with both my hands.

"Does the little kitten wanna come out." He cooed.

I nod my head and pout a bit.

"After your punishment you seem to behave more, did you learn your lesson?" He asks.

I nod again playing along, what is he talking about.

"Who do you belong to." He's really trying me right now, no Y/n calm down don't want to get the demon clown angry.

"You?" I say, it came out more like a question.

"Oh kitten." He laughed a little.

What is it with him and kitten, does he have a daddy kink or something.

"You?" He said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"You." I reply.

"You what!" He growls, damn bipolar much.

"You Penny." I reply.

"Good kitten, so you have learned your lesson, I'll let you out then." He opened the top of a cage and I immediately stretched out, ahh, that feels good.

I hear Penny chuckle a bit and I look over at him.

"Does the kitten wanna play." He coos, ok this is getting annoying, kitten come on now.

I nod my head just to play along, he picks me up and places me on his hip.

He walks a little more into the, I don't even know what we're in, but he walks further in and it looks almost plain,

no trash,

no junk,

no dead people or body parts.

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