Chapter Thirteen

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Cynthia cleared her throat and Amanda watched as she averted her eyes from the detective's scrutinizing glare.

"I.....I'm afraid I don't think so" she said, a bit nervously. Amanda was sure he must be mistaken. Or maybe not, after all, they both came from the same place.


"Maybe you've seen her before. She's from Clarkesville too" Amanda offered. Cynthia shook her head with enthusiasm and said, "yeah maybe".

The detective scratched his head, all the while not taking his eyes off Cynthia. Finally he said with defeat, "yeah that's it. Maybe I've.....seen you around there before" he finished softly, a slight look of confusion still masking his features. He threw up his hands in surrender and chuckled, "excuse me, I just never ever forget a face"

Cynthia laughed nervously and said, "that's a good thing"

"Yeah it is, especially for your line of work" Amanda said and watched as Brianna came back with the lillies he asked for. She watched as he dug in his pocket for the money to pay for the flowers but stopped him, "oh no no, these are on the house. Just give my love to Beth and Catherine and little Tommy" she said.

He smiled gratefully and thanked her profusely then promised to stop by the bank on his way to work to pay Simon a visit. She waved him off and watched as he left.

Brianna's phone jerked them all to attention as it rung out throughout the store. She hurriedly took it out of her pocket and answered it, "hello!".

She put up one finger, signaling to them to give her a minute and vanished behind the store, already giggling to whoever was on the other line. Amanda rolled her eyes at her retrieving form and clicked her tongue.

"Is there anything else that needs to be done?" Cynthia asked again. She stood behind the counter, a relieved look over her face. Amanda looked around at the clock behind her and said, "you can go get something to eat if you're hungry. There's a restaurant around the corner".

Cynthia looked as if she was deep in thought then answered, "no I'm fine. I'm not hungry as yet".

"Well there's not much that needs to be done right now. Just wait around and help any customer that comes in. You can either ask Brianna or myself for help" Amanda said to her.

She saluted diligently then walked off, getting herself familiarized as to where everything was. She was putting out effort on just the first day and Amanda had to give that to her. The day passed by quickly and aside from a few church goers coming by to buy flowers for decorations for a service they would be having and a family of a man who was getting buried coming in the late evening to purchase a wreath, there wasn't anybody else for the day.

At exactly 6:00 pm Amanda decided to lock up. The day was done. They all pitched in closing the windows and giving the floor a last sweep and Amanda checked the change behind the counter before locking it up and depositing the key in her pocket.

They stepped outside and Amanda closed the door with the key and rattled it a little to make sure it was really locked.

"I think I'll go check out that restaurant now" Cynthia said, clutching her handbag tightly on her shoulders.

"Are you sure? How will you get back home? You can always come over for dinner if you'd like?" Amanda said.

"No that's fine. I should atleast start exploring a little anyways so I can get used to the place and I can easily catch a cab back home" Cynthia answered. She smiled at the concern that laced Amanda's voice.

Amanda gave in, already tired and hungry and eager to head back home.

"Alright then, as long as you're sure.'s my number. You can call me or text me if you need anything" she said and searched in her bag for a pen and piece of discarded gum paper to scribble her number on.

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