Chapter XVI:Captivity

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"Be like the cliff against which waves continually break; but it stands firm and tamed the fury of the water around it."—Marcus Aurelius
***Walk on Water-Thirty Seconds to Mars***

"Let go of me, you overgrown child!" Cornelia screamed as she flailed against Gastonus' hands as he clutched her braid and dragged her across the corridor of the S.S. Olympus.

"Quit it!" he roared. "Just accept that you are mine." He chuckled as he watched her kick and thrash wildly against him. " You were expensive; but, worth it." He grinned lasciviously as she kicked and screamed, "and I like my women feisty." He grinned as she screamed for her friends."It's more fun to break them" To emphasize his point he slammed her head against a nearby wall.

Cornelia went limp and darkness took over her mind. Her last feeble words were. "I will end you." However, due to the minor concussion, all Gastonus heard was gibberish.

———one day later———

Cornelia awoke in a strange dark room, or at least she assumed it was a room. She could not see anything. She sat up rubbing her head her brain thundering in painful flashes. She squeezed her eyes shut as tears welled within them in a reaction to the blinding pain. Still trying to make sense of what had happened.

She tried to stand; but, instantly collapsed in a crumpled mess around her own feet. She felt her stomach toss with the extravagance of her efforts. Desperation and fear slowly overwhelmed her.

"Hades?" She called out trembling. Silence answered her. "Artemis?" She cried helplessly out to the darkness. "Apollo?" Silence again returned her call.

Then the memory came flooding back. Her mind flashed images of Hades bound and betrayed. His face tormented as he was sent away. His very own adopted family having had forsaken him.

Then the dark and vicious face of Gastonus appeared in her mental image. In only a few words he had shattered her spaceship sanctuary and dragged her away into a nightmare. Then intense crippling pain seized her mind as she remembered the corridor.

"Why?" She pleaded with the shadowed silence that surrounded her. Then, out of the darkness came the rumbling of a terrible and familiar voice. Gastonus' voice emanated from the far wall of her enclosure, it was his dark laugh, one that sent an unconscious shiver down her spine and it was just on the other side of the door.

A pale flickering light filtered under what she assumed was the door. She felt her body tremble. She tried to silence her heart as it cried out. She whispered to the vast emptiness that surrounded her. "It's too late for me."

She felt tears trickle down her cheeks and she blinked her eyes in rapid succession. "I will not give him the satisfaction of a single tear." As the door began to open she wiped away the tears of weakness and harnessed her adrenaline forcing her legs to stand.

Light from the hallway meandered into the room as the door slowly swung open. An ominous creak sent chills down her spine. The light framed the silhouette of a beast. His dark hair tied neatly behind him. The red of fury draped over his shoulders. His dark pupils met hers and she allowed her eyes to challenge his. She glared at her enemy no longer afraid of the man who called himself her betrothed. Instead, she saw the man she would one day destroy even if it took her an entire lifetime.

"Good morning Cornelia," he purred at her. He strode over to the wall behind her and opened drapes that flooded the room with blinding light. She wanted to cover her eyes she wanted to squeak in surprise but adrenaline held firm and she remained still and silent. She refused to meet his gaze once again always looking forward.

He traced the curve of her waist with his hands. His sausage fingers gripping her waist. He smelled her hair and blew hot air on her neck. She growled at him in return. Unfortunately, for him, he misread her intentions and pulled her to him.

Her elbow slammed into his solar plexus, she stomped hard on his toe, and as he bent forward she spun and slammed her palm into his nose while simultaneously kneeing him in the groin. Satisfaction warmed her heart as she watched him squirm around on the ground.

"You will pay for this tu moecha putida!" He groaned gripping his gut. He made a grab at her leg; but, she retracted it and used the momentum to break one of his ribs.

"No you will podes perfectus es!" She screamed as she ran for the door; but, another man entered and leveled a sword in her path. She narrowed her eyes as she deepened her stance and feigned through different attacks aiming to trick him and to find his weakness.

Her distraction was her undoing she felt a heavy body slam her into the ground. Snarling she started maneuvering as Artemis had taught her. Twisting and turning in attempt to use his size against him. Then more men came. She felt her wrists tied her skin tore against the leather straps. She cried out and kicked manically at her attackers.

His arm covered her mouth and she bit down, with all of her strength. She heard Gastonus' scream of agony and surprise as her teeth bore into his flesh.

She then felt her body hurled against a wall and blackness clouded her mind. She struggled to gain consciousness. As her eyes closed she cursed her own humanity the very nature of her weakness.


Hades found himself back in the S.S. Inferis staring eye to eye with Cerberus who whined and sniffed around most likely looking for Cornelia. Lightning flashed around him as he screamed in fury and ran for the entrance.

His pounding footsteps echoed through the corridor, bolts of lightning sparked around him. Pieces of the ship broke off and burned on impact. The charred and warped pieces of metal crashed around him as he ran. Fury seething and writhing through his veins.

Cerberus plodded alongside him immune to the lightning strikes and eager to find out where they were going.

He reached the exit and was faced with a gentle light blue glow. Cursing in multiple alien languages he thrashed and launched lightning at the barrier but it never wavered.

He threw his body into it screaming. It never even flashed. He felt his body thrown across the room over and over with each attempt. An hour passed before exhaustion finally caught up with him. He glared silently at the barrier in unresolved defeat. "I will come for you Cornelia."

Cerberus sat in front of the barrier and howled. The chorus echoed throughout the enormous and empty ship in a haunting and ghostly melody.

"This is my doom then?" Hades asked the forcefield. "To be trapped here in the Inferis while my heart marries a monster."
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