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JuneSteels: I'm not the one to drag people online but I am so broken. These past few days I have been crying. I'm a mess.. I'm not able to look after my childeren. My heart is broken and no one will fix it. Please know that I love my childeren dearly but I need this to stop. I wasted my life on a man that couldn't be honest. I forgive easy. Know that I will never forgive both of you. The fact my best friend kept telling me about this man she couldn't be with. She told me details about their sexlife and she was talking about my husband. The person is shared a bed with and 2 beautiful kids. But Harry.. how would you like it if I told you I've been in pieces? The person you loved is gone.. No need to come back because I will be gone. Goodbye.


@gemmastyles: this is not good.. @harrystyles go check on her now!! I'm watching the kids!

@KateJuneHarryInsta: omg I hope this is a goodbye to Harry.. not a goodbye to the world.

@JarryForeva: she is so broken.. poor June.. we love you so much..

@KateLong: please June don't do anything stupid..

@gemmastyles: @KateLong you better shut up

WARNING: everything in this book is fiction! NOT real life! If you are triggered by bad endings please STOP reading!!!

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