Chapter 5

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Just saying guys this story is going to kinda be mostly in Rachel's POV, so please don't get pissed. It's kinda hard doing it in finns and it's kinda boring! Hope you enjoy the chapter 😘- Nic x

Rachel's POV

Today is what? Wednesday? Mum and dad aren't back yet. I'm enjoying the peace and quiet, but it's also frustrating.

I can't get mr Hudson out of my mind, it's literally all I think about morning noon and night.

It's so wrong to like a teacher but he's so good looking and sweet, I'm sure all of the girls would want to at least kiss him and feel his body.

My mind is wandering into very sexual places, fuck.

I could just picture me and him fucking against his desk and me screaming his name.

Oh god, I want that to come true so bad.

I put on my Cheerios uniform that just got washed last night so it smelled so good. I straighten my hair and put on my makeup. It's just light makeup.

I have history first period again today and plus I have my homework lesson thing at the end of the day.

I drive to school and bump into Santana in the hallway.

"Hey san" I say opening my locker

"Hey berry, what have you got first period?" She asks

"History" I reply trying not to blush

"Ah, with mr dreamy" Santana states

"You gotta admit, he's fucking fuckable" Santana adds on

"Eww, he's a teacher" I say trying to hide my tracks

"Shut up berry, I know you like him" she says

I look down because I know she knows me inside out. She knows I like him, fuck.

"Is it bad?" I ask

"I'm not going to judge, I fucked the old  math teacher" she says as if it's nothing

My eyes bulge with shock

"It's not wrong when he's only 3 years older. Plus he's attractive as hell. Most girls would want his dick 7 inches deep inside of them" Santana says but I nudge her to shut up because he was walking towards us

"Hey guys" he turns to me

"Are we on today for the catching up?" He asks me and Santana is standing there with a huge grin on her face

"Yeah, is that ok?" I ask

"Yeah, no problem. See you first period" he says before leaving, I breathed in his aftershave.
It smelled amazing, god he smelled amazing

"You lucky bastard" Santana says

"It's not like that, he noticed that I needed a little more help in my history because I fell behind because of practice" I say honestly

"Whatever you say berry" she sarcastically remarks

Now way a teacher could like me

When the bell goes for first period me and Santana walk to history together

We meet Quinn and Brittany who are sitting at their desk. We say hi before mr Hudson starts talking

As usual he calls out the register


"Rachel" he says and smiles as we lock eyes


God why is he so perfect

We got some work and as he usually does, he walks around the extremely quiet class

I didn't get a question so I put up my hand, I slowly put it down as he walked towards me

"Yes Rachel?" He asks

"I don't get number 6" I say simply

"Ok" he says bending down next to me to reach my level

I yet again breathe in his scent

"What happened to the titanic, when it hit the iceberg?" He asks me smiling

"It started to sink" I say

"Brilliant, now what happened when it started to sink?" He asks again

"It broke in half" I say clicking on

"There's your answer" he smiles again and stands up

"Thanks mr Hudson" I say smiling

Santana looks at me smirking and mouthing 'told you'

"No problem" he says before going towards somebody else who had their hand up

He's so damn hot

The bell rings and I say goodbye

I can't wait till after school

Is this wrong?

Hey guys! What do you think? Is it wrong? Do you like my writing for this book? I'm not really sure ya know. #so-insecure. Please comment! Love you all 😘❤️💕💖❣️

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