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Nawsheen's point of view

I was in my dorm room, lying on my bed. We just returned from that amazing trip and I hadn't the courage of unpacking, thing I'd do first two months ago.

It's been two and a half months I've been hanging out with Zayn and I did notice how I've changed. I don't know if it's in a good way or not.

I was in a large kaftan which was so comfortable and locked the door so that no hot guys aka Zayn and Asher could enter my room. Now I was hijabless.

But then, the door knocked pretty quickly. WHY DID IT HAVE TO KNOCK NOW?

I groaned so loudly and threw a scarf on my head before opening the door with a glum face.

Thais looked at me with wide eyes first.

What? Just because I'm a headgirl doesn't mean I cannot look all untidy!

"Uhh um, yeah, so... miss there's someone calling you on telephone" she stuttered and gave me a once-over before going away and fanning her face.

Was I this weird? I mean, I had a pastel green flower-printed Kaftan with a pair of slippers and a bright red hijab. Okay maybe I did not choose the colours wisely.

I closed the door and got in my white school blouse, the dark blue pleated skirt, my dark blue hijab and a white gabardine legging.

Briefly, my school uniform.

On my way to the corridors, I bumped into guess who?

Yeah you're right.

"Hey Cookie, where are you going?" He asked.

"Uh I got a call apparently. And you?" I asked.

"Nowhere in particular, I was going to you. For the islamic tuitions, could you help me?" He replied.

"Yeah sure" I said and remembered I had a pending call.

"I... I have a call,I'll just take it and then we could go to my room?" I asked and he nodded.

Quite surprisingly, he followed me to the telephone table but I let him. I took up the receiver.

"Hello?" I said and heard someone clearing their throat.

"Salaam Nawsheen, it's Uncle Taleb." said my Uncle.

"Oh, assalaamualaikum Uncle! How are you?" It's been long since I lastly spoke to him and his family.

"Uhh fine... Look, I have an important thing to tell you..."

"I'm listening" I said and glanced at Zayn who was sitting on a chair nearby, looking at me.

"You know, everything happens for a reason and you may not know the reason and think of it unfair but what has to happen will happen and-" I cut him off. I started worrying.

"Wh-what happened? Is everything okay?" I asked, frowning. Why would an adult lecture you if nothing's happened?

"Actually, no... but hey hey, you have to be courageous and do-" I felt something unpleasant in my stomach...

"Uncle, please, just tell me" I whispered and Zayn frowned at my worried face.

"Promise me that you will be courageous and face whatever I will tell you. I didn't want to tell you this on telephone but I don't really have any choice so..." He paused. What happened?

"Wallahi, I will face everything with Allah's support" I quoted from my mum. I heard a sob. Was my Uncle crying? What on Earth happened?!!

"Your...parents... are no more" He said and I stayed there all neutral. My mouth was wide open and a little tear made its first entry on my cheek.

"Nawsheen? Nawsheen, hear me?" I heard my Uncle say but I let go of the receiver and it fell along with me. I plopped down, re-hearing what Uncle said.

"Cookie! Are you okay?" Zayn asked and bent at my eye level. I looked at him while my eyes were filling up with tears. Two of them rolled down and I cried and cried on the spot. My parents are dead? Is this a joke?

Zayn hugged me and rubbed my back and I hugged him tightly back. He took the receiver but my Uncle had hung up already.

"Shh it's fine, you're okay, I'm here... What happened?" He asked, his eyes full of concern.

I couldn't reply, my voice was completely lost. He lifted me up and tried to ask me again but I pushed him and ran. Wherever I could, I ran. It was pointless but I couldn't face anyone right now.

I opened my door and locked it close before collapsing on my bed and letting my heart out. I poured out tons and tons of water, which could fill a reservoir I think. I heard the door knock but I couldn't care less right now. What the hell just happened? Is my punishment? I guess it is...

Nothing worse could ever happen, nothing.

My parents...are actually dead.

A sharp knock was heard at the door.

"Miss Nawsheen, you have to open the door now. It's Miss Grayling, don't worry, I'm alone"

I wiped away some of the tears and opened the door. I did look so miserable.

*1 hour talk later*

My suitcases were next to me while I was waiting for my Uncle to pick me up. I sat on a wooden bench nearby and waited. I haven't seen anyone as all of my friends are still having classes and I didn't want them to know anyway. I might inform them later on. i just decided to leave quietly and not make a big thing out of it.

What am I going to do in life? Most of my accomplishments are for my parents and now what?

I'm going to live at my Uncle's place until I get a decent job and get to build my own house and live my own life on my own. My Uncle has a daughter around my age and his wife.

I saw Zayn walking towards me, almost running.

He stood in front of me and I looked down.

"I'm...sorry?" He questioned.

"Look, let me not beat around the bush and tell you this. I have a very important thing you should probably know and -" A car honked just then.

"Uh, sorry, bye" I croaked before leaving, not even casting a single glance at him. I mean, why would I? He's not that special friend?

Anyway, I wouldn't meet him now.

"Bye" He sighed to himself.

My Uncle got off the car and helped me with my luggage after smiling sympathetically at me. I had a want to turn my head and look at Zayn one, just one last time but I resisted and entered the car quickly. My new life starts now I guess.


I hate this chapter for some unknown reason.

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