Chapter Eight:School,I guess;Part 1

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Matpat pov
A few days later...

" Girls, we've decided to enroll you both into school. You can't stop your education," I said as we were eating dinner.

"Hold up. What? No,please don't," Vira begged.

" Vira, you and Ara really do need to go to school, " I said seriously.

"Can't you just send Ara. Can't you homeschool me? Please," Vira insisted.

" I'm sorry Vira, I can't. Steph can't either. Don't worry. I'm sure people will be nice to you,you're so likeable. "

" You were too,and you got bullied.." she replied.

We stared at each other through an awkward silence. Until Ara broke it.

" Umm,I drew a picture..." she said nervously. "Wanna see it?"

Steph and I agreed. Vira left the table and went to her room.

A while later....

"Steph...We gotta talk to Vira," I said after finishing dinner. She nodded her head.

" Maybe you should talk to her, Matthew. She seems more attached to you. I don't know how to give mom advice," Steph said.

" I know, Honey. I know. She does seem attached to me,like you and Ara. But she always tells me that she thinks you have a grudge against her," I say seriously.

Steph seemed confused. "Grudge? No! She's sweet,I just don't know how to talk to her." I believe Stephanie's words. She would never lie to me. But why was I trusting Vira so much? I felt like I was having father instincts.

"Let's go talk to her," I say,leading Steph to Vira's room.

"Hey,Vira..." Steph says.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to....I-I -I"
Vira said,starting to stammer. She was losing control of her breathing again.

"Vira,take it easy. Breathe..." Steph told her, soothingly. Vira calmed down and buried her face in my chest,crying. I ran my fingers through her hair,while Steph repeatedly told her that it was okay.

"Guys..Do you swear that you'll protect me?And help me with bullies? "she asked. Her face still flooding with tears.

"Of course Vira,"Steph said."You're our daughter,"I said,finishing Steph's sentence. She looked up from my chest and smiled a little.

The next day,first day of school for the girls....

It was the girls' first day of school yet I seemed more nervous than the two of them.

" Matthew! Stop daydreaming! You gotta send the girls to school!" Steph said,making me wake up from my daydream. I almost poured orange juice onto my cereal.

"Daddy! Come on,let's go!" Ara exclaimed, trying to pull me up from my chair.

"Alright, let's go,"I say,getting up from my chair and hugging Ara. She was so cute,with her hair tied in pigtails.

Vira looked nice too. She was wearing a shirt with the GT logo and text that said "KEEP CALM AND #BLAMEJASON". She's like my spirit animal.

We got into the car and I drove them to school.

Later ...

After sending Ara to her kindergaten,I dropped Vira off at her school.

"Matpat...What if this day doesn't go well?"she asks,a tear in her eye.

"It'll be fine.And even if it isn't,tomorrow is another day,and it'll only get better from there,"I reply,running my fingers through her fluffy and messy hair. She smiles and gets out of the car,but not before hugging me awkwardly. My little girl was going to school.


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