The Beginning. Part 1

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9th November 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Dellie's POV...

If I took one more step, I am sure I can make the front of the cabin I can see through the falling snowflakes that were cascading around and over me.

I was feeling so very cold. I was clasping my arms around myself as I took one agonising step at a time through the foot deep snow that had already piled over the ground like a blanket which was making it very difficult for me to move at all.

All I could see was the light coming through the curtainless window up ahead of me. I have come in this direction, not because I saw the cabin, but i could smell the smoke as it rose up through the chimney and wafted out into the freezing air to blow away on the breeze that accomapnaied the snow which has been falling now for a few hours.

But each step was getting so hard to take. Each breath I managed to suck which was raggedinto my lungs was like breathing frozen ice. I only had a medium hooded weather jacket on which wasn't water proof, so I knew I was fairly damp by the time I actually saw the light of the cabin far off to the far right of me up on the side of the mountain.

My only chance of saving myself at this time was to reach the safety of that cabin and the warmth I knew it held within it's walls. The boots I was wearing were going to be just enough to get me there, I hope. They weren't totally expensive. 

But they were soft leather and strong enough to help keep my feet dry from the snow.

I don't know if they would protect me from the blood that had been dripping down my leg into my boot from the wound on my thigh. But i think the ice has cooled the wound enough to stop it from bleeding any more that it could have.

It was the same with my arm and my ribs. That was the reason why I was having trouble breathing like I was. I can tell that I have a couple of ribs broken from the accident. Each agonising breath I sucked in let me know about it.

I stopped for a moment and wavered there as I caught my bearings again. Looking up, I can see the lighted window not to far away from me. I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and get there. It's not too far. Just another hundred yards or so.

So, once again, I took as deep a breath as I could and after wiping the ice from my face, I started once more to walk across the heavily snowed ground to get to the only place that I would find safety from.

I heard the howls of the wolves behind me again. They had been getting louder hwich told me they were getting closer to me once more. I had fought them off once already when I really didn't have the strength to do it. But I managed it by a fluke when a herd of moose came running over the little hill we were in and with their startling appearance, they chased the wolves off. 

But I knew they would be back.

They always do come back when they think there is a free feed going for them. An easy one they can take down. It wasn't helping either that I was bleeding from various wounds. It was getting harder and harder to remember what the hell brought me to being in this situation. 

My head was hurting something fierce and the throb was really pulverizing any thoughts I tried to keep in my head. But it was a battle I knew I was losing and losing it fast. I was feeling so very tired. The cabin wasn't that far ahead of me now. I have to try and make it. 

I have to. I had no other options.

I must have only been about twenty-five or thirty feet from it when the bravest of those wolves decided to come forward and have a bite of me. I had to use the branch I was using to help me walk to poke at it and brush it away from me with a shapr jab.. It didn't escape my notice that the other couple of wolves were also beginning to circle me now.

I don't know if I have the strength to fight these damn dogs off with the injuries I have at the moment. But I was willing to give it a try.

Then two of them attacked which caused me to stumble as I cried out. I swung my crutch, the branch I was using as a crutch at the closest one. I got it on the snout which made it yelp. But the other one was close enough to snap at me and catch the bottom of my jacket and tugged it.

I felt the tug and heard a ripping sound coming from it. I swung around and with as much force as I could use, I slammed the branch into the side ribs of the large dirty brown wolf. It backed away right quickly.

There were two wolves between me and the porch of the cabin not too far from me.

" Help!" I tried to call out. 

But that too was hard to do with the ribs causing me pain like they were. But I had to try. 

So, swinging the branch at the dogs while calling for help might have sounded like a good plan, but it was draining just about all the energy I had left. The snow was beginning to fall thicker and that wasn't helping the situation either.

A moment later, I was screaming in pain as I was tugged to the ground by two of the damn wolves who had jumped at me at the same time. My screams got louder as one of the dogs had bit my arm right through my jacket. The other had bitten my just above my right ankle. I was trying to swing my branch at them and hoped the other two didn't attack.

But they did, damn it. But it could have been worse, I thought to myself. They could have been bears.

I have to say that I was scared spitless and terrified at getting so close and having to fight off these damn wolves. One dog was about to charge at my face when I heard an explosion above me. I heard a yelp before hearing another explosion again and another yelp from one of the wolves.

Gasping for air, I was laying there on my back sobbing in pain as I tried to turn myself onto my side so I can see what was happening. But I couldn't no matter how much I struggled. I could hear a dog fighting something. It didn't sound like a wolf.

" Help!" I gasped out again and I slowly lowered myself down onto the ground with no strength left in me for anything. I don't think i minded either. I wasn't feeling the cold anymore.

I was laying there looking up at the snow falling and blinking when some of it landed on my face near my eyes. I was just beginning to close my eyes when I saw a shadow move to stand above me. I think that i can see a face looking down at me but i wasn't sure. There was so much hair in the way i think.

" What the.." This deep gravelly voice rasped out before I saw the shadow move. A moment later, I felt some hands slide under me and slowly pick me up from the wet snow. My head rolled onto the damp shoulder which was covered with a thick jacket.

A moment later, I was being carried in through the door of the cabin and shuddered a bit when i felt the warmth that was permeating through the cabin with the fire glowing brightly enough to let me know that it was the firelight that I saw through the window which drew me closer to safety.

" Thank you." I managed to say to him in a hoarse voice. That was the last thing I remembered.

The next time I woke up, I didn't know who I was or what happened to me and the man and family I walked away from. Not for years anyway.

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