"Someone wants to rot the apple..." Janna broke the atmosphere.

"A fork a day keeps destroying the way."

"Your future self upstairs? What about it?" Janna mentioned.

"I have no idea. She really looked like me, ugh I'm hallucinating or something. I hate the fact that Y'all don't believe everything I say."

"Dude, we're not like that. Were confused as you are. Maybe its a sign of death? Pfft, nonsense." Janna shrugged.

"I believe ya. But isn't that... Creepy? That you felt your chest this and that and blah. I hate these sometimes. It makes me anxious about everything in my life," I shrugged. Taking a bite of my pizza.

"Also what were you two doing while I was are gone? "

"Me and Danny are looking for you on the dance floor. And I realize that you piss in the bathroom are gone an house. So I ran upstairs to find you. And you are not going to believe what I just discovered, that mansion is haunted!" Janna explained opening her arms in gesture.

"Whoa whoa hold up! That mansion... Is haunted?! And you're exploring alone?" I said

"Yup! And my ghost tracker just beeped immediately, it's losing its mind!"

I scooted away from her with my hands firmly gripped on the table. Same with Danny except he's holding a cupcake.

"A headless ghost!" Janna slammed her hands on the table while Danny almost choked into his cupcake.

"Hey!" he said as the side of his lips filled with bits of clubs falling into his mouth.


"Please don't make me laugh." I crossed my arms raising an eyebrow

"Ok, then how about this?" Janna said as he dug her hands into her pocket jeans and took out a picture. I almost screamed

In the picture. Is a lady with pale skin standing still in front of the camera and her dress is splattered in dark blood? Head chopped off missing. The camera shot was pristine clear.

Danny suddenly shoves a cupcake into his mouth his eyes wide open. Stopping himself from screaming.

"Oh my God! Janna! Put it away!" I said covering my eyes with two hands. She put it back into her pocket

"Told ya and plus it's sick! I can't believe I caught it in full shot!" She said putting her hands on her waist.

"Aren't you afraid!? That thing is... Fucking horrifying." I surrendered my hands.

"Don't worry I got my rosary with me to keep away from monsters. I have it in my whole pocket so that's why I don't get scared." she winked and I breathe in and out.

"Oh, God... That mansion is freaking haunted?" Danny said realizing that now.

"Well duh, they just clean the house up and decorate it. The teachers found that place a little far. They said it was a good place for the party" Janna explained.

"How did you know all this?" Danny said raising his eyebrow

"Camera bug. I made another one!" she smiled.

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