Chapter 5

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My shift was a little tense yet grimace. A lad caught a woman hostage and it took years to track the kidnapper. But I manage to do it as usual, I kept my head focused on my mission.

His mind was damage due to concussion hit on the bridge. Thank god nobody got hurt after the shooting and bullets clank on the grounds of hell.

I'm an hour late but the boys need me for a while because its my turn to guard.

"Greene! Better not slap his ass. " Captain Beckham laughed.

"Afternoon Cap, do I have another shift?"

"No, this is the last one. I'm glad you saved the town again. And plus your dad visited here and gave you box of donuts. He's proud yet worried that you're chasing the cat on loose."

"Oh! I'll thank him later." I smiled.

"And there's an inmate who wanted to speak to you."

"Who? "

"Griffin Nevermind."

"I'll a stuck a bone in his throat if I have to." I gritted my teeth.

I remember my last chase with him. Fire shots, crimson blood, and massacre. His sons will never be cleansed, but he already rotted in hell. He killed my mentor 'Barnes' who treated me with respect and taught me how to fight.

No pity flashback. Only reality erased it. I stormed into the cells and walked into his hell iron. He stood crossing his arms smiling at me.

"Well you're hot in that uniform."

I grabbed his collar and smashed his cheek into the bars and let him go. Left with a gash on his cheek.

"Start talking."

"Just a little message for you. Hell will strike. Also for Barnes... I'm sorry, he's to sweet to be killed. He can live in heaven, and you watch out." He leaned in closer staring into my eyes with intense fury.

"Break the bridge and release all hell. You will meet your old friend darkness and death." He grinned and I bit my tongue holding myself to punch his face.


My shift ended and I went back to finish my class. I don't have time to greet my friends other than study or slump myself to bed and watch Netflix.

Then I met with my friends who are looking for me.

"Damn! That dance was awesome!" Janna laughed.

"Yeah... Thanks." Danny sighed heavily.

"The coach gave us thirty laps and sixty sit-ups. My flabs and my ass are dead tired from all the work out shit. I want more dance, not exercise."

"Isn't dancing also an exercise?"

"Shut up," Danny ate his cupcake.

I couldn't keep my mind programmed to forget what happened yesterday. Despite what happened last night, it was creepy to think that girl was me... Or looked like me. I kept poking my apple with a fork as if I'm poking my brain.

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