The Nanny Doppelganger

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A 12 year old girl named April lives in a house that was located at the village of Cristina Verde. In the ground floor of the house, it contains a living room, kitchen, garage, a small library room, dining room, and restroom. In the second floor of the house, it contains three bedrooms - one for her family's bedroom, their nanny's bedroom, and her grandparents' bedroom.

One Saturday night, April was at home with her nanny and her baby sister. When she went to the kitchen to get water, She saw her nanny waving to her from her bedroom. When April went back to her bedroom, her nanny was gone. She had no idea where she went until she found her nanny and her baby sister at her family's bedroom. April called out to her nanny and she smiled at her. April then went downstairs to get her PSP in the living room. When she went back, her nanny was no longer in her family's bedroom. She goes to the next room, her grandparents' room, and saw the two of them playing.

"Nanny, have you been to your bedroom and my family's bedroom earlier? It looks like you transfer two times already and I have no idea why," April asked her nanny.

"What are you talking about, April? I hadn't left your family's bedroom and my bedroom since your parents and grandparents left the house," her nanny replied. April's heart beat and she stared at nothing.

"Is there something wrong, April?" her nanny asked April. April shook her head and nodded no. April stayed at her grandparents' room.

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