Chapter 14...

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Where I ran to was the shop, then I entered. "Oi Blinx! O que você está procurando? (Hi Blinx! What are you looking for?)" Catherine asked me kindly. "Eu preciso uma tente novamente por favor. Você tem algum? (I need a retry. You have some?)" I asked her. "Sim eu faz! É para 200 de ouro. (Yes I do! It's for 200 gold.)" She replied happily. I nodded, smiling also, and reached into my pockets for my gold. As I searched, she talked. "Adivinha o que aconteceu. (Guess what happened.)" "O que? (What?)" I asked, clueless about what it could be. Then she put her left hand out into my view. I don't get it...I looked at it and she rolled her eyes, sighed, and pointed at her ring finger. It had a an engagement ring on it! Oh! "NecoJi me propôs enquanto você se foi! Eu estou tão animado! (NecoJi proposed to me while you were gone! I'm so excited!)" She exclaimed to me in a squeal. I bet you are! "Wow! Felicidades por tu boda! (Wow! Congratulations for your wedding!)" I said. I feel overly happy for her. She was overly happy too, but much more than I. Duh, because she's the bride!

But then memories started to flash in my mind. Mikaela in a wedding dress...Her in one of the Tom Tom Gang's ships...Benito's shocked face when I and my sweeper friends interfered...Mikaela's relieved expression on her face when we hugged...God, I hope that terrible event never happens to her again.

Catherine smiled widely and said "Eu sei! E NecoJi queria que você fosse o melhor homem. (I know! And NecoJi wanted you to be the best man.)" I snapped back to reality. He wants ME to be the groomsman?!? Of course I will! He is a good friend after all! "Seria uma honra! Eu vou fazer isso. (It would be an honor! I'll do it.)" I told her proudly. She clapped her hands in excitement. "Obrigado! Ele ficará tão feliz em ouvir isso! (Thank you! He'll be so happy to hear that!)" She said. I finally got the gold out of my pocket and gave it to her. She took it and gave me a retry. This will be for Mikaela.

"Nós também queríamos fazer o casamento divertido e único! É um casamento de cosplay! (We also wanted to make the wedding fun and unique! It's a cosplay wedding!)" She announced. "Legal! (Cool!)" I said, pulling out my CLOKD. I looked at it and asked "Quando é? Que horas? (When is it? What time?)" I need to make sure I don't work on the time of their wedding. "Nós não quisemos hesitar, então está em 3 dias. (We didn't want to hesitate, so it's in 3 days.)" She replied. I nodded and searched through my CLOKD, in my planner.

"Por sorte, tenho um dia de folga naquele dia. (Luckily, I have a day off that day.)" I told her with a smile. Her smile widened again and she thanked me. "Mas eu preciso de uma fantasia...(But I need a costume...)" I added. "Apenas tente juntar algo. Eu sei que você pensará em algo. Mesmo que você não tenha nada, basta colocar um bom terno. (Just try to put something together. I know you'll think of something. Even if you have nothing, just put on a good suit.)" She told me comfortably. "Tudo bem obrigado. O que você planeja fazer depois? (Ok, thank you. What do you plan to do next?)" I then asked. "Depois do casamento? Uma recepção de casamento, é claro! (After the wedding? A wedding reception of course!)" She replied.

I chuckled. "Eu sei disso. Eu quis dizer, depois de todas as coisas do casamento. (I know that. I meant after all the wedding stuff.)" She gave an "Oooooohhh." in realization, thought a moment, then replied "Planejo sair do meu trabalho a tempo parcial como lojista e me tornar um engenheiro ou enfermeiro para a fábrica. (I plan to quit my part-time job as a shopkeeper and become an engineer or nurse for the factory.)" "Aww! Eu vou sentir a tua falta. (Aww! I'm gonna miss you.)" I told her sadly. She gave a pitiful chuckle and replied "Não se preocupe. Nós sempre podemos falar em qualquer momento. (Don't worry. We can always talk at any moment.)"

I nodded and decided to end the conversation there. "Preciso ir agora. Preciso estar com Mikaela, quer dizer, perto Mikaela. (I must go now. I need to be with Mikaela, I mean, near Mikaela.)" I said, giving a nervous chuckle at my wording. She gave a small grin at me and said "Ok então. Tenha um bom dia! Espero que você ache uma fantasia! (Ok then. Have a nice day! I hope you find a costume!)" I smiled, waved, then exited the shop with the retry I bought. I tucked it into my jacket as I walked back to the room.

Wow! NecoJi wants me to be best man? I am overly honored. I'll of course bring Mikaela along to this too! I feel so happy for him and Catherine! I hope the Time Goddesses shine their praise upon them. I made it back to my room and saw Mikaela, Neo, and Kyle sitting there. Neo was on his CLOKD, and Kyle was just telling Mikaela stories and...


You...little...jerk! He is flirting with her! GRR! I am SO enraged right now! He thinks that he's all that!?! HA! You scared her to death before, remember!?! You will NOT go near her! Why is he even in here?! I stomped over to him and roughly grabbed his shoulder, turning him around to face me eye to eye. "Deixa a em paz...(Leave her alone...)" I coldly said, my eye giving a slight twitch of anger. Neo looked over at what was happening. "Por que eu deveria fazer aquilo? (Why should I do that?)" Kyle asked me with a smug look on his face. I was about to hiss until Neo came over and separated us. "Pare! Você está agindo como um tolo. (Stop! You are acting like a fool.)" He scolded. Mikaela blankly looked at us 3. Uh...I nervously chuckled while Kyle said "Espere eu também? (Wait, me too?)" I glared at him. "Ambos! (Both!)" Neo spat. "Ele está certo... Desculpe...(He's right...Sorry...)" I said. But Kyle didn't say anything and forcefully pushed me out of the way with his shoulder. I take back what I said. You're a contemptible snob Kyle, I hope you realize that. And you sure are good at being one too.

Before he exited the room, he looked at Mikaela with a smirk, then glared at me with pure hatred in his eyes. After briefly doing that, he walked out. I don't like hating people, but UGH, he gets on my biggest nerves! I'm sick of him!

I looked back over at Mikaela. Her arms were crossed with a look of disappointment at me. I gave a shameful chuckle and started to feel hot...Oops...? Then she saw Neo's CLOKD and grabbed it. "Ei, coloque isso para baixo! (Hey, put that down!)" He said, coming over to take it back. But she put her pointer finger up at him, signaling for him to wait. What is she doing? She doesn't even know how to work that. Then she typed a few things in, then put it down and walked out, shaking her head in slight deplore. What the? I need to go after her! But Neo stopped me, picked up his CLOKD and showed me what she typed. It was on the translation site. She was translating something? In Portuguese? How did she get on the site? It read out:

Aquele foi inaceitável do você. Mantenha o nariz no seu próprio rosto. Eu acabarei por retornar. Não me siga.

No. No. No. No. No. No. No. Oh crap. What is she gonna do? What am I going to do?! Uuuugggghhh...! "Deixa ela ser. Ela estará de volta. (Let her be. She'll be back.)" Neo told me, putting his hand on my shoulder. I hope so! WHEN will she be back? Where is she going? Questions ran through my mind like a roller coaster. I just hope she will be ok...I sighed. I guess I'll work on that costume while I wait...

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