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Nathan's P. O. V.

I roll my eyes as Lahlani drags me over to Emily. Who's sitting on my couch speaking with my mom. To what seemed to be an argument but I couldn't quite make out what they were talking about.

Just before, we get any closer she stops and turns and looks towards me. "Now Thanksgiving dinner is in a few minutes and we are not going to start knowing that Emily and you still have conflict. You two are going to talk and that's an order. You two need to resolve this. Because you still being mad at her, better yet each other is totally unnecessary. Now go." Lahlani says in stern tone, turning me around and pushing towards her but not before I squeeze in, "Have I ever told you how sexy you are when you try to boss me around." I smirk doing as she "ordered".

"Emily can I uh talk to you for a sec?" I say standing directly in front of her.
"Yeah, sure." She smile standing up and I lead her over to the dining room that has yet to be crowded with family.

"So, what is it you needed to talk to me about? I need to tell you something too but you can go first"

How am I going to start with this I don't even know what I want to say to her.
"You know what you can."
"No, you its better if you go first you'll understand after I tell you."

Letting out a sigh I try and find my words.
"I'm telling you this but please keep quiet. Lahlani and Dawson are the only ones that knows this for now so. I've been deployed bu-"

"What's new Nathan. I am really not surprised by this it comes with your job."

"Please let me finish... I wanted to work things out with you before I leave. But I want to ask a favor. Not like last time though. God I can't believe I am doing this again but. I was wondering if you could look out for Lahlani and the twins while I'm gone. Because everything about this one is classified. And she's kinda stressing herself out about it."

"Nathan are you kidding me? Lahlani is a grown woman. She does not need a babysitter. And work things out with me? I thought we were fine. Aside from the fact we talk less but. We talked about this already, I am done feeling guilty about what happened to Lahlani. Its not my fault I'm not the one that beat her or put her in a coma. You're just looking for someone to blame because you feel like it is your fault... Oh yeah, and you might want to ask mom about your real father. She is not the angel you think she is." Emily says walking away. That escalated quickly.

In all honesty she was almost completely right. But what seriously got me is the "real father" thing. What the hell did she mean by that? Why do I need to ask my mom about our dad?

But that's a question for later. Now I have big plans for tonight and nothing will get in the way of it.


"Okay, yes I am impressed. At first I thought you were just going to slack off and have Lahlani do all the work." My mom chuckles at us both looking over to Lahlani who was cooing at both the twins as they sat in their high chairs giggling. While everyone was chatting small talking around the table.

Lahlani sitting to the left of me she looks up and laughs.
"Well I was kinda helping him and telling him Right from wrong the whole time but he was mostly wrong so I had to step in and do a little more than help. But on the bright side he knows how to cook something besides "breakfast" now. I've been teaching him how to make pancakes." She chuckles causing me to groan.

"Lahlani I know how to make something besides breakfast-"

"Which is cereal. And that is still not real food. Oh wait lets not forget the Ramen noodles." She laughs causing both the twins to giggle. But I can't blame them her laugh is contagious; Its like music to my ears.

"See Ramen noodles is not breakfast I already knew how to make foods aside from breakfast." I pout sitting back in my chair. Sitting my fork down. Folding my hands together.
"Okay, Nathan you keep telling yourself that." My mom laugh taking another bite of her pie.

"So Lahlani how does it feel to be a mom?" She asked also sitting up wiping her hands with a napkin.

"At first it was stressful for the first 2 and a half months because I was worried about them. Now, you know its not as stressful I mean I still worry but having them here. It honestly feels great. I like being a mom."
Lahlani smiles big still playing with the twins.

I'm not picking favorites or one over the other I just want to hold them.
"Lahlani" I call out reaching out for one of the twins. Nodding she lifts Mehlani out of her high chair and places her into my arms. The smile on my face growing bigger.
Feeling my arms slightly heavy.

Bringing her to me to me I cradle her running my hand through her big soft curls. I lean forward bringing her to me I lightly kiss her forehead.
"Ciao, mia piccola principessa." I whispered to her. As she waved her tiny hands around giggling. Her eyes wide with a big toothless smile

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