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MONROE       Wed. 03/18

I yawned tiredly when storing the last few pieces of clothing neatly into my suitcase. I then wiped the small tears from the brims of my eyes to clear them.

Once securing my belongings, I adjusted myself along the bed to rest for a moment.

As I begin to study the brace wrapped tightly around my knee, I couldn't help but to still feel responsible for what happened.

My grandparents were gone, and now we have to continue on with life without them. And what really hurts the most was knowing that this wasn't some nightmare that could easily be awakened from.

"Hey, short." Trailing away from my never-ending thoughts, I lifted my eyes to see my brother stepping into the room.

I could see the slight devastation in his eyes. He was sad to see this place falling apart as well.

But as always, he remained strong for this family.

"Look what I found." In his hands were my grandparents' family photo album. A treasure they kept very close to their hearts.

"It's been a while since we've seen this thing." He said when taking a seat along the bedside.

I leaned forward to look over his shoulder just as he revealed the first few pages to me. As always, we were both left in awe when seeing our grandparents during their years of youth.

They both smiled from ear to ear while sharing the spotlight with one another, like the ultimate couple that they were.

And as my brother flipped through more of their memories, he eventually came across their two most valuable blessings.

"You look so much like mom, it's mind blowing to me." Corbin chuckled, sure to take a glance at me after studying our mother's close ups.

"Right." I laughed, quietly. It was almost like looking at myself in the mirror. "She was so beautiful." I then stated.

I always admired my mother's rare beauty. Her smile alone could make your heart melt and her sparkling dark gray eyes could brighten an entire room.

She was beyond beautiful and could have anything her heart desired with those looks.

"She was." And Corbin agreed. "And she still is." He then said.

The two of us continued to flip through pictures of familiar faces that we've grown to learn over the years. Most were no longer around and some were gone before we were even thought of. But their memories were forever sealed in this book.

"Remember this picture? It was when uncle Leroy ran into the pole—" And for the first time since that night of the accident, my brother and I were laughing like old times.

But as Corbin kept flipping those pages; he eventually flipped across those heart-rending pictures of our parents, and the laughing ceased immediately as if it never happened.

A tensed silence broke into the room as we studied the happiness they once shared. Sadly, I wasn't around during the time to witness their moments together, but Corbin was sure to tell me the stories.

Everything was perfect once, and my mother was doing so well with herself. She was surely no longer the girl that she used to be growing up. She became someone better, someone my dad always believed in.

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